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The convenient furniture and equipment inside Chinese high speed train will definitely amaze you.

As introduced in our previous article, world-recognized speedy Chinese bullet trains can ferry you to and fro between Lagos and Abuja within 5 hours. The country is now putting into operation 46 pairs of high-speed trains, in which 3 are overnights ones which are specially designed to provide their passengers with utmost comfort.

facilities inside bullet trains

The interior of Chinese overnight bullet trains

Because these overnight trains are aimed at ensuring the smoothest movement for its customers’ sound sleep, the speed is less emphasized. Instead of travelling at 350 kph as the fastest brand – G-Trains, D321 fleets just reach their max speed of 150 kph.

Now let’s have a look at what they can offer inside!

Soft Sleepers on train

Sleeping compartments on D321 trains

Personal compartments are divided into 2 categories: Soft and Hard Sleeper, which in turn has lockable and no doors. Each category includes 4 bunks in total.

Certain trains are installed The Deluxe Soft Sleepers, equipped with sofa, closet, private restroom with showers and seat-type toilet. Some others have individual compartments applied for capsule sleeper with extra cost.

The Deluxe compartments on Chinese trains

Facilities for The Deluxe Soft Sleepers

Such conveniences as garbage bin, thermos, LCD TV, air-con system, reading lamps or event high-speed Internet connection are provided for free in all overnight trains. The services are just like on an airplane.

Experience on Chinese bullet trains

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