See the Chinese HSR train that travels at 287 km/h


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The Chinese high-speed rail train travels at 287 km/h on the longest HSR network in the world. Check out this mind-blowing video of the train moving!

Seeing a train moving at 287 km/h is something one would ordinarily see in movies. And as we all know, movies are fiction. Such an effect is achieved through editing. But this isn’t a movie; it’s real life.

If you’d like to have an idea of what sitting in the front seat of a train moving at 287 km/h speed feels like, you should watch this video. The footage was recorded on a trip from Hangzhou to Huangshan in China. The Chinese high-speed rail (HSR) of 9,000 kilometers (11,806 miles) takes the number one spot of longest HSR networks in the whole world. In terms of railways, the 131,000 km (81,400 mi) railway in the country is on the second spot in the world, with that of the US being first.

The train moves at an unbelievable speed

China decided to invest in high-speed rail (HSR) in order to create a seamless transportation network for her citizenry. Citizens and residents of the country can now move within certain parts of the country very quickly without going through transportation hurdles including heavy traffic.

The country isn’t resting just yet. They are making plans to move water from the wetter south region to the more arid north to create more transportation networks.

For those who don't know, China is long famous for high-speed bullet train which can help transport one from Abuja to Lagos in only 5 hours. Not just that, they are building an underwater bullet train rail to boost tourism in this field. You can check these pieces of information further in 2 previous posts below:

If we had such a train in Nigeria, one would be able to go to any parts of the country and return the same day. With developments in the transportation sector in the country which has led to revamping railway transportation, we’ll get there someday.

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