Expensive disaster! See how a ₦468m rare Ferrari F40 went up in flames in Monaco


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A super rare Ferarri F40 worth ₦468m reportedly burst up in flames right in the presence of the owner on the street of Monaco.

Imagine that feeling seeing your expensive supercar bursting into flames just like that on the street. Such a feeling no doubt is very sour and something we wouldn’t want at all. Such wasn’t the case for a man who stood helplessly as he watched his rare Ferrari F40 burn on the streets in the Monte Carlo district of Monaco.


A rare Ferrari F40 recently went up in flames on of the streets in Monte Carlo in Monaco while the owner watched helplessly

After an explosion, the Italian model was seen sending huge plumes of smoke into the air after its back caught fire.

Ferrari F40 on fire, burns in Monte Carlo

The Ferrari F40 sports car was consumed within a minute despite all attempts from people around to save it from the explosion. From what we could gather, the sports car wreckage was later taken away by firefighters after the flames had been doused by them.


With its rear already in flames, there was nothing the owner could do to save his expensive sports car from an explosion

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The exploded Ferrari F40 in its original form is one of the finest cars ever produced. It offers a top speed of 288 mph. The £1 million sports car was produced by the Italian automaker towards the end of the 1980s to the start of the 1990s. Ferrari only produced 1,311 units of this F40.


The firefighter later visited the fire scene and put out the fire before it was towed away

If you are looking for a place with super-rich people, you should visit Monaco, where according to statistics has a millionaire in every 3 people you meet. Monte Carlo, from what we learned, houses Max Biaggi, former Grand Prix motorcycle racer. Biaggi reportedly showed his concern concerning the recent fire incident, which happened not too far from where he lives.

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