Violence overloaded! Security officers beats Oride operator to death for overtaking them


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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When did overtaking a security officer become a crime? An Oride operator lost his life for doing so. Read the details!

All hell broke loose on Friday in Surulere, Lagos State when some security officers beat an Oride operator to death.


The security personnel as they were  being beaten by the angry passersby

An eyewitness who gave an account of the incident said that the security personnel had accused the Oride operator of overtaking them while they were in traffic. And as they were assaulting him, they took an object and hit him on the head. The Oride operator lost consciousness.

From the reports, Naijauto gathered, some passersby who saw what transpired bounced on the security officers. The angry mob almost lynched them to death. However, they compelled the officers to take the Oride operator to a hospital around the street, where the doctor confirmed him dead.

Watch the video below.

And here are some reactions from Nigerians who watched the video.

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