Why some cars have secret taillights in their trunks?


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Throughout the years, different taillights have been designed and equipped for different safety reasons. Many manufacturers have been trying to fix taillights in the trunk of cars but do you know why? Read this article to learn about this!

Not all car owners really discover and make use of all the accessories as well as features in their cars, especially odd accessories like the secret taillights located in the trunk of the Buick/Opel Cascada.


Many cars like the Opel Cascada get secondary taillights in case the trunk is open

In fact, those very unusual taillights not only appear in the Cascada but also came equipped in other Opel-badged models such as the Insignia station wagon.

The purpose behind these secret taillights is understandable, which is to give an indication that the trunk is open. But is that all?


The trunk of an Insignia station wagon with secret taillights

Speaking of the Cascada, a coupe, this seems not to be a reasonable answer as no one wishes to load such an exotic car with so much cargo that may affect its pure beauty on the outside. However, when those lights come in the station wagon, it makes sense.

When the question was raised to the speaker of Buick. The real reason was unveiled:

"You are correct and the reason for the “most cars don’t do this” comment is that designers generally design the trunklid to comply with safety and regulatory needs so that a portion of the taillights remain in place and attached to the fenders while the trunk is open. For the Cascada, the designers were really hot on the clamshell-type design to get the exterior look they wanted.

The other option looking at the Audi Q5 would be to put those lights down on the bumper but the design team wanted to keep the rear clean with the smaller surface area of a convertible versus an SUV. So they took a rather unconventional approach but one that works!"


The exotic exterior design of the Cascada coupe

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Buick/Opel is not the only one that came up with the idea of including extra taillights in case the trunk is open. Another example that comes to mind is the Audi A5 which got its secret taillights sited down the liftgate. This option, other than what’s down on the Opel cars, helps the Q5 keeps a neat look like an SUV in the rear.

Video: Audi SQ5 3.0TFSI 354PS walkaround

While others double the number of the taillight for cases of open trunks, the Mini Clubman got a smart approach with its taillights cut out from the gates when they’re open sideways, making it visible in either condition.


The taillights cut out from the sideway gates help the Mini cut down its cost of manufacture

Those ideas actually have not been initiated by Buick/Opel, Audi, or Mini. Very long ago, similar taillights were introduced in very unexpected cars such as the Aston Martin Lagonda. Even earlier, Nash let the world know about the Airflyte body design for the Ambassador in 1949 whose taillights were embedded in the chrome edges of the trunk lid.

With our above article, we hope that you understand the real purpose of the secret taillights inside the trunk. Though these designs cost the manufacturers a whopping amount, they are not left with many choices to meet the traffic regulation of indicating when the trunk is open.

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