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Did you know that Peace Mass Transit just released a short guide on seat numbering as well as sitting in their buses for travelling to avoid misunderstanding? Check it out here! is really impressed with the recent updates from Peace Mass Transit as the transport company tries to educate its customers with a brief guide on seat numbering as well as addressing sitting issues in their buses.


Peace Mass Transit is among Nigeria’s most reliable and functional road transport companies

This guide we believe is the company’s way of addressing all the recent complains being made by its unsatisfied customers. See the statement below where the Peace Mass Transit’s management addressed the issues in the form of a guide;

"It has become necessary, owing to a recent event, to clarify matters with regards to sitting arrangements in Peace Mass Transit (PMT) buses. Our passengers/customers should please note the following:

1. In buses within local routes (short distance journeys that terminate in an hour or thereabout) there is no strict adherence to any sitting arrangement. That means a passenger can sit anywhere he or she likes, or finds a seat available, irrespective of what is written on the ticket obtained at the point of payment.

2. On the highway routes (long distance trips) passengers sit strictly according to the number on their tickets. If a passenger has a ticket for the number 2 seat, for instance, he or she would be automatically entitled to sit on seat No 2!

3. Passengers can agree to swap seats; that would be strictly their decision. PMT does not get involved in such transactions.

4. All passengers are treated equally as valued customers, irrespective of gender, creed or tribe.

5. Passengers are also encouraged to use the Customer Service lines on their tickets, to report perceived/ alleged cases of mistreatment by depot staff: at the point of boarding; in the course of the journey, or at the destination terminal."

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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