Unbelievable!!! Scientists are currently training some Rats to drive a car [video]


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Would you ever believe that some scientists have gone to the extent of teaching rats how to drive small electric cars? You can check the fun video of rats driving car here!

We can bet that no one would ever imagine rats driving cars, but as weird as it might sound to you, Naijauto didn’t cook this up – rats might soon start to drive their own cars publicly 😊.


Believe it or not, some rats are now good drivers of tiny electric cars!

[Source: University of Richmond]

Before you become too impatient, here is the gist. At the University of Richmond in the United States, a professor of behavioural neuroscience called Dr Kelly Lambert has been leading a team of scientist studying rats, and specifically their behaviour. As this the team of scientists advance in their study of rats’ behavior, they decided to take things up a notch by measuring the intelligence of the rats by giving them tiny electric cars to drive. So how does the system work?

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Rats too can become better drivers soon

[Source: University of Richmond]

The cars you see the rats driving are custom-made and very clever in design. They are electric cars built in such a way that they move in whatever direction the “driver rat” leans towards while it spots food from inside its transparent container (cabin space).

Watch the video below to see it all for yourself and hear the professor’s comment:

  Rats can drive tiny cars!!!

According to the reports of these clever scientists, 6 female and 11 male rats totalling 17 rats are currently being used in this experiment of teaching rats how to drive a car. The scientists claim that they are studying how the cars effectively help the rats navigate towards food and the entire behavioural responses of the rats as well.

No one including the professor is sure yet how the results of this “driving rats” experiment/study can be practically used to help us humans for now but hopefully, it will in the near future.

For now, all we could boldly tell you is that “No rat was harmed during the driving tests”.

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