See Saudi Arabian prayer room in their planes!


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Praying is respected everywhere in Muslim countries and flights are not an exception. The Saudi Arabian airlines dedicate a comfy room housing up to 10 prayers on each of their planes. Check it out!

In the past 10 and/or 20 years, not many of us possess the privilege to use the airplane, be it to travel domestically or internationally. Today, the improved living standard allowed many Nigerians to travel within the country and abroad, some even use it to travel to work, in the sense that they would leave their home to work for a couple of weeks or months and then go back occasionally.


Today, traveling by flights is also seen as another means of transport, not a luxury

In that sense, it's only fair that today's kids perceive traveling by plane is one of their rights and not privileges. If there's ever a discussion or chat about that, it would likely involve which destination they are planning to travel to or which kind of ticket they are using at the time, economic or business, or higher. Generally speaking, economic and business class are actually no difference. Maybe you'd get more smiles from the attendants, an occasional drink (which you actually paid for by paying extra from the standard price), and a slightly larger seat and legs room. Besides that, it's all the same.

If you really want something truly outstanding, something that satisfies your strict requirement, you'd go for the first class, where there are every benefit of the business class, in larger quantity and with better quality. Besides, you'd get meals that you can only get in top restaurants. Some airlines even offer Michelin-level dishes for their 1st-class customers. The first class level was the pinnacle of any airline, at least that what we thought, until today.


You might get to experience Michelin meals with first-class tickets

Apparently, an Islam airline poked my bubbles, the Saudia Airlines of Saudi Arabia. Not only they offer all of the above, they went extra miles for their Muslim brothers by plucking out 9 seats and put a mini mosque in its place (Mosque is a place where Islam disciples would come, pray and perform their rituals). The place has 2 walls, some mats and a sort of compass to know what direction they should head toward and pray.


Who would have thought about building a mini mosque in a plane?


Isn't it comfy?


Isn't it comfy?

The instruction signage

The instruction signage

Saudia Payer Area on their planes

Apparently Muslim praying is an important part of their daily life and it is respected, even in other parts of the world. Remember Japan has provided N325m Mobile Mosque to Muslim fans for praying during 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

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