Saudi Arabian father 'accidentally' buys $300m Airbus plane for son instead of scale models


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If you've run out of ideas on what to get for your child on his upcoming birthday, a Saudi father has just set the standard. Due to the miscommunication between this rich father and the plane maker, 2 Airbus have been delivered instead of their scale models. Check details below!

When there's too much money, and a generous father to go with it, everything becomes "gift-able"

A Saudi Arabian father has redefined what birthday gifts should be for parents who will be presenting birthday gifts to their children. Reports reaching Naijauto says the wealthy father in error bought a couple of Airbus A350-1000s for his son since he couldn't find the smaller models of the Airbus plane.

The Saudi father whose identity is yet to be known is said to have some investments in the energy sector. He had gone in search of smaller models of the passenger jet which he wants to present to his son who is an aviation enthusiast.

Reports said he put a call to Airbus aerospace company to make inquiries about their plane models but there was communication hitch between him and the company due to his inability to converse clearly in English.


When you have a rich father who's generous enough to gift you an Airbus plane

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According to the Saudi man,

"They asked so many questions about interior and exterior, I just thought they make very accurate scale models."

And when he finally received $365 million as quotes for the planes, it didn't seem to discourage him as he said,

"I got lost in currency conversions, I thought it was a bit expensive but still reasonable."


The mistake of this rich father is understandable considering the lifestyle in Saudi Arabia

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The extent of this expensive mistake emerged a few months later when the father got a call from Airbus, informing him that the planes were now ready for delivery.

He said,

"They asked me who will fly it. I thought it was a joke."

The rich father ended up keeping one of the passenger jets and giving the other to his cousin.

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