South African man built Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica


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With the German company releasing only few of this super race car, the South African enthusiasts decided to build his own Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica. Click to see the final product by this South African talent!

Reports reach Naijauto that John Ackermann, a South African had just built a Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica which is incredibly street legal.

1. The racing legend Sauber-Mercedes C9

This Sauber-Mercedes C9 is one of the automaker’s most popular racing cars as it was victorious in 1989 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It also achieved 5 race victories in a row in the previous year during the World Sportscar Championship. In case you didn’t know, Mercedes only built few examples of this model, hereby making it close to impossibility of getting one of the original versions.


The original version of Sauber-Mercedes C9 on the racing track

The original version of this C9, when raced, came with a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with the generative output around 800 horsepower. It has the ability to reach 248 miles per hour (400 km/hr). This top speed was achieved during qualification for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1989 on the Mulsanne Straight. It is obviously clear why John Ackermann loves this speed machine.

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2. Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica by Ackermann

Ackermann, driven by his passion for cars, decided to make his own version of this C9.

In 2011, the task of creating a custom sports car was started by him as he set to build it from scratch. The vehicle’s underpinning is a bespoke steel chassis and the lightweight and strong fiberglass are used for its bodywork. The mechanic decided to get V6 3.2-liter into turbochargers in order to raise the grunt to mark of 320 horsepower. The Sportscar comes with a weight of 2200lbs (1000kg), which makes it very quick with the ability to reach 186 miles per hour (300 km/hr).


Although the replica isn't as powerful as the original, an amazing job was done by the South African mechanic

Recently, the Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica was sold by the mechanic to a fellow car lover. The floor of the replica and chassis were exposed to some modifications to suit the taste of the latest owner before the keys were handed over.

Video: Mercedes Fan Builds 300KMH C9 Sauber | RIDICULOUS RIDES

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