Sapphire Time CEO shows off 3 Mercedes cars to encourage those believing God


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Are you believing God for a car? See this post by Wale Aladejana the CEO of Sapphire Time where he shows off his three Mercedes cars while encouraging others!

Naijauto consents to the recent viral post by Wale Aladejana. Sapphire time CEO, that he shared via his official Instagram handle where he transparently told the story of how he once used to board public taxis as he's of no private car.

In the post, Wale Aladejana went further to share how he had kept on steadfast in believing God, serving him as well as "sowing seeds” until his situation took a turn around for good and he could now boast of owning 3 different models of Mercedes-Benz.


This is the photo Wale Aladejana shared to show off his 3 different Mercedes Benz vehicles which he owns and rides now

Read his original post below;

This post is to encourage someone who is believing God for a car.

The Word works! One of the problems with Christians these days is that they no longer try to know God for themselves. Try this; read your bible everyday and when you see a scripture that appeals to you BELIEVE IT! Do you know what’s going to happen? In few years you will explode! The moment you get the Word in your spirit, you are like a time bomb, its only a matter of time before you explode, God never disappoints! It may tarry but it will come to pass.

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My first ever Mercedes Benz in 2013 was a 4th hand and I bought it for 520k, it could turn to the left but it couldn’t turn to the right. So if your house is on the right we no de come your house be that 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I struggled to buy this car ooo, plenty skabash

Every morning and night I would stand at my empty car park and quote scriptures “God has met all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, not my salary, not my effort but His riches!” God had told me that the first of everything He gives me is a seed and so when the first car came, I had to sow it as a seed and I walked home! That was the longest walk in my life and things got complicated after that.

Learn this; when you sow a seed and God doesn’t show up immediately, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong, God doesn’t work with your timetable! I didn’t have a car for 3 years after that, I walked and carried taxi everywhere!

Looking back today, all my cars are Mercedes Benz and I give out a Mercedes every year!

Ladies and gentlemen the Word works! If you will just hold on tight, God will show up! It is certain! Some of you may see this as a show off but thats your business but for those who get it, this is me acknowledging God’s faithfulness and giving Him the glory.

Tag someone who should read this. You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus

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Besides praising comments from his friends and fans, some other people shed doubts on the true purpose the CEO posted this story!


The post has gained over 4,400 likes within 24 hours

It’s such an inspiring story, isn’t it?

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