Sanwo-Olu orders to resume Badagry Expressway work, particularly from Maza Maza to Okokomaiko


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The new Lagos Governor – Sanwo-Olu has ordered the construction contractors to resume work after inspecting the Badagry Expressway. Read full the gist here! has been releasing many updates recently revealing the horrible conditions of the Mile-2 Badagry expressway in Lagos. This road has been a real nightmare for the residents of that area and other commuters having to take the route frequently. The fact is many protests have broken out, urging the government to fix roads. The most recent protest on Lagos-Badagry expressway took place on 22nd last month.

But things are about to get a new turn as the new Lagos state governor, Sanwo-Olu and his deputy, Hazmat Obafemi together inspected and took a tour across the expressway on Sunday the 2nd of June 2019.

While doing this tour, Sanwo-Olu expressed regrets that the road project had unintentionally been abandoned as well as delayed for more than 4 years now.


New Lagos Governor – Sanwo-Olu inspecting the entire nook and crannies of the Mile-2 Badagry Expressway

After series of inspection and noted observations, the governor ordered the road construction contractors to immediately resume work on the site of the 10-lane expressway and should speed up in completing the problematic 2nd-phase of the road project that extends from Maza Maza up until Okokomaiko.

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New Lagos Governor – Sanwo-Olu going through the masterplan of the Mile-2 Badagry Expressway

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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