Is Sanwo Olu's armoured Range Rover a waste of state money? See how people react & find your truth!


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Governor Sanwo-Olu blasted by Lagos PDP for buying himself a ₦187m Armoured Range Rover Sentinel SUV as his official car. But is that the truth? See it here! can smell the rage of “jealousy” from “defeat” from Lagos PDP in a recent statement, blast the new APC governor-elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu for acquiring a new ₦187m Armoured Range-Rover Sentinel SUV as his official car.

1. Lagos PDP criticized Sanwo Olu administration as prodigal & insensitive

The Lagos PDP through Taofik Gani, its state’s publicity secretary also made lots of berating comments on the governor’s decision of not declaring his assets publicly.

Quoting the Lagos PDP comments on the newly acquired new ₦187m million Armoured Range-Rover Sentinel SUV, they claim that the act;

“is prodigal, insensitive and not humble beginning at all, especially at this period that the residents need the abandoned projects completed and the provision of improved welfare services”


The ₦187m Armoured Range Rover Sentinel SUV official car of Babajide Sanwo-Olu

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The Lagos PDP also went further to say that;

“It is only when and if Mr. Sanwo-Olu manifests such selfless and austere gestures as a lifestyle that Lagosians can take him serious and sympathize with him as he claims to be losing weight, otherwise Mr. Sanwo-olu is advised to as a matter of emergency consult his medical doctor to diagnose real reasons for him losing weight”

“If Mr. Sanwoolu does not on his own make public, information of his declared Assets for Lagosians to know and verify within Seven days, the party shall compel him to be morally responsive to Lagosians by adopting the Freedom of Information, FOI Act to get said information.”

2. How residents reacted to Mr. Sanwo Olu armored cars

Right after the news of Mr. Sanwo Olu chose a ₦187m armored Range Rover SUV as his official car, residents across the country, particularly those living in Lagos have expressed their concern and opinion on the topic.

Just like Lagos PDP, many people showed their disapproval of the purchase as it's too costly and somewhat unnecessary.

A lot of Internet users when commenting on the topics have raised the question why Mr. Sanwo Olu didn't use official cars of previous administration instead of buying a new expensive one.


You can see these types of comments flooding the topic

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3. The truth about Sanwo Olu's armored Range Rover?

While many people easily got upset on how the new Lagos governor spent the state money at the very beginning of his tenure, some others kept a cool head and saw the problem here!

See their comments below!


Finally there's someone who is sober enough

In fact, there isn't any official report on the purchase or usage of the car. However, Naijauto believes that this car is not newly purchased as intially reported.

After comparison, we would say the car is probably the exact official transport from Ambode administration but perhaps with certain upgrades for better security.

What's more? Gboyega Akosile, the new governor’s Deputy Chief press secretary swiftly reacted to this allegation by denying the PDP’s claim and describing their statement as “people exhibiting symptoms of long-term depression”.

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The Range Rover Sentinel has been used since Ambode administration

His comments/replies were;

“For the avoidance of doubt, His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu did not buy a N187million SUV as his official vehicle. In fact, the Governor has not procured any vehicle for official use. The vehicle the Governor uses, if that’s what the PDP is referring to was purchased almost a year ago and it certainly is not at the cost of N187millon as alleged”

“The PDP needs to cross-check its fact very well before coming out with fallacious claims next time”

 “On the issue of assets declaration, this shows clearly that the party and its members are delusional.  Although while it’s not legally mandatory for Governor Sanwo-Olu to make his Assets Declaration public, he is certainly not perturbed about the request. The PDP should know by now that it’s a choice”

“Therefore, the PDP should keep its unsolicited advice and concentrate on putting its already collapsed house in order if it hopes to be relevant in the political firmament of Lagos State now or in the future.”

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