EX-Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o involved in auto crash


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The Cameroon legend and retired football star Samuel Eto'o is currently in a hospital after he was involved in a fatal car accident. See full story!

New information has just reached us concerning the recent event of an auto crash involving a famous retired Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o. According to a report, the former Barcelona, Chelsea and Inter Milan star was lucky enough to survive this ghastly accident, which might have claimed his life. The good news is: he is said to be fine and currently in stable condition.


Cameron Legend Samuel Eto'o was recently involved in a car accident in his native country

From what we learnt, Eto’o was cruising in his SUV around the Nkongsamba-Littoral Region in Cameroon where he was suddenly hit by a public transport bus. The 39-year-old retired footballer was rushed to the hospital, where he has been receiving treatment. Samuel Eto’o isn’t the only footballer that has suffered from car accidents in recent times. Just recently, Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich FC crashed his ₦67.3million Mercedes-AMG S63 while defying COVID-19 lockdown.

From the pictures shared on social media, we could see how damaged the car is. The front part of the SUV is severely damaged. He was said to be returning from a Wedding last Sunday when his car was hit by a bus in the Western City of Cameroon.


The former Barcelona star was returning from a wedding when his car was hit by a bus

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So far, his condition is fine but we are yet to ascertain the extent of the injuries he suffered from this fatal auto crash. It was rumoured that he suffered a head injury and is under doctor's watch. The information of the hospital where he was taken to after the accident hasn't been revealed to the public yet. The Cameroon legend announced his retirement from 22 years of active football on the 7th of September 2019.

Meanwhile, here is the compilation of major car accidents experienced by footballers in recent times. Watch the video below:

11 football players who had major car crashes | Oh My Goal

We wish him a speedy recovery!

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