[Photos] See the first unit of the 1950 Volkswagen Transporter T1 bus model


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Check out these unbelievable photos of the very first production unit of the renowned 1950 Volkswagen Transporter T1 vintage bus model nicknamed “Sofie”.

Only a few people in this age and time will remember the Volkswagen Transporter T1 (or Type 2) popularly known as the “Bulli” or “Kombi” bus back in the ‘60s.

Fortunately, we recently found out that VWCV (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) has actually been keeping the oldest 1950 model which is also the very first production unit of this popular vintage bus in its collection ever since 2014 till now.

Yes, it was a real “shocker”.


VWCV surprisingly keeps the very first production unit of the 1950 VW Transport T1 bus in good shape

Seeing that this vintage car is still “alive” simply means that it is the oldest of all Volkswagen’s street-legal bus models as far as we can remember.

This particular unit which is a panel van with Dove blue paint carries the chassis number “20-1880” and it is particularly nicknamed “Sofie”.

This unit was the first to roll off the assembly line on the 5th of August, 1950 at the popular Wolfsburg plant in Germany.


This VW Transporter unit nicknamed “Solfie” served as a goods transport bus for 23years in Germany before retiring into private collections

Tracking the journey of the “Solfie”, sources record that the unit was majorly used for transporting goods in Germany for up to 23 years before it eventually disappeared into private vintage car collections of Volkswagen enthusiasts for almost 20 years between 1973 and 1992.

Automotive news sources claim that this unit was later put up for sale in 1992, bought by one Tonny L. who refurbished it and kept it in good condition till 2014 when he also put it up for sale.

This was the time it caught the attention of the VWCV department because it was advertised as the “oldest surviving” Volkswagen T1 model. The department bought it from Tonny and that was how it became one of the highly cherished “old babies” in its collection till date. What an amazing journey, isn’t it?

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