Russians turned ₦81m Bentley Continental GT into world most luxurious tank


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These Russian geniuses are about to take automotive design into a whole new level. Good or bad, it's really worth taking a peek at. Click here to see this one-off Bentley Continental GT tank by Russians!

Who told you there aren’t geniuses anymore around you? Recently geniuses with 3.5 million subscribers from the AcademeG, a prominent Russian YouTube channel, have brought their super brains to life by replacing the wheels of Bentley Continental GT coupe with tank-like tracks, hereby forming Ultratank, a formidable machine which looks exactly like its name.


Though not yet to be fully completed but this is purely work of brilliance from the Russian geniuses

This formidable tank is known to be the most luxurious tank in the world and it has the capability to handle steep grades and off-road driving.

The presenter of the AcademeG, while speaking in an uploaded video on 9 May, declared the imminent success they have achieved with the crucial part of the project.


This Bentley Continental GT Ultratank can thrive on any terrain - You just name it!

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Looks like these Russian geniuses still have lot of works to do on the Ultratank. Dust and debris still come off the moving thread into the cabin due to absence of doors. The brake pedal also doesn’t work currently. The Russian specialists admittedly claim they will add all other features to it. For now, the speed of the vehicle is being brought to slow down by the steering wheel.

Bentley Continental GT Turned Into The World's Most Luxurious Tank

There are also improvements to be made on the powertrain. They intend to make the Ultratank reach sixty two miles every hour. What you will get now is 31mph.

If you get one, what will you use it for?

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