[Video] Russian vlogger sets his ₦65million Mercedes-AMG sports car on fire


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Unbelievable!!! See this video of a Russian vlogger who literally set ablaze his ₦65-million Mercedes-AMG GT sports car just because he feels disappointed.

If it were not clearly filmed, no one would ever believe that a certain Russian Vlogger actually burnt down his ₦65million Mercedes-AMG sports car because he felt “frustrated”. Oh yes, he claims that the expensive luxury sports car was frequently breaking down for about 10 months and he just had to get rid of it by burning it completely.


“Frustrated” Russian vlogger burns down his ₦65-million Mercedes-AMG GT sports car live on camera

Media sources identified the Russian vlogger as one Mikhail Litvin and the burnt car as a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S model. This recent action of the vlogger has been pulling a lot of attention to his social media pages and his YouTube channel as well. Noteworthily, the price tag of the car is ₦65 million ($170,000).

Below is the viral video of Mikhail Litvin which captured moments when the vlogger burnt down his expensive sports car.

  Mercedes-AMG GT burnt down

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Sources also claim that the popular vlogger had barely driven the sports car over 9,300miles (15,000km) before burning it down. Reports also claim that Litvin says the expensive luxury sports car had been getting him to frequently visit repair shops over the period 10 months. Litvin reportedly explained that he became sick and “tired” of the frequent breaking down of the expensive car and the reluctance of the automaker to accept full responsibility. So, his best method of fixing such kind of “headache” was to burn the car totally. Meanwhile, the funniest part of his viral video was the moment he had to ride in a “crappy” old car back home after burning a ₦65million sports car 😊.

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