Russian president cars throughout history: Putin’s is still the best!


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Used to adopt Mercedes-Benz models for the official state car, Russian president car now comes back to Russian-made brand with advanced features for its President. Click inside to explore!

1. Who is Russian president at present?

The current Russian president is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (66 years old), who has served as the President of Russia from 2000 to 2008 and since 2012 till present.

This president is famous for his manly style and impressive vehicles. His latest car surpasses all Russian president cars in the history with its one-off features.


Who thought a President could be this cool?

During his first two terms in office, President Putin had been recognized for his tremendous efforts and remarkable leadership in recovering Russian economy from crisis. In 8 years straight from 2000, the Russian GDP rose by 72%, which helped Putin to easily gain votes from his people when coming back in 2012 for the third term.

In March 2018 presidential vote, Putin once again dominated his rivals with 76% voting him to be re-elected and governed Russia till 2024.

2. Russian president cars throughout history

2.1. Zil limousine: Say No to foreigners

From 1922 to 1991, when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was in operation, Soviet Union remained loyal to Russian-made automobiles for official state cars.

Zil limousines, or ZIL-41052 to be more exact, were always trusted to carry the most important men of the country.


This is among Zil limousines ex-Presidents of Russia drove

Along with Zil presidential car, a fleet of Chaikas (another Soviet-built car brand) would run alongside to escort the President delegation.


The design of Soviet Chaika car model

Till now, there are two Zil limousines preserved in Kremlin garage and sometimes, they are driven in special military parades on the Day of Victory (May 8th).

2.2. Mercedes-Benz gains trust, Russia goes with the flow

The most common brand of presidential state cars in the world, based on Naijauto collection, is Mercedes-Benz. Besides its high quality, the brand must have an amazing relationship with authorities around the world so that the VIP of many countries agree to ride in these products.

After Soviet Union collapsed, Boris Yeltsin stepped into the Kremlin Senate and oriented the country with a more open approach.

He was the first one to get a foreign-made vehicle as Russian official state car. And he chose W140 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which was luckily released right in the year Yeltsin took his presidential oath.


Russians elected Yeltsin, Yeltsin selected Mercedes

The S-Class model was then upgraded to a Mercedes-Benz W220 and W221 later. Two Russian Presidents using them were Boris Yeltsin and Dmitry Medvedev.

Mercedes-Benz seemed to prove its status successfully when it was once again utilized during 3 terms President Putin took over Russian government.

The model President Vladimir Putin used at those periods was a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard.


How it looks when sitting inside an S600 Pullman Guard

2.3. Aurus Senat: Challenge all types of Beasts

The latest Russian official state car is an Aurus Senat limousine, which was presented at the Fourth inauguration of President Putin in 2018.

The Senat was 100% developed in Russia, by Russians and equipped with various life-saving and defensive measures. NAMI, the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute, was the agent to build the car according to Federal Protective Service’s standards in “Kortezh” project.


Aurus Senat in the Fourth inauguration of President Putin in April 2018

3. President Putin limousine - a bombproof fortress

3.1. Latest presidential state car for Vladimir Putin

As mentioned above, the latest Putin limousine is the Russian-made Aurus Senat developed since 2013. Aurus Senat is a powerful armored limousine which employs a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine and will upgrade to 6.6L V12 engine in the near future.


The Aurus Senat is still in progress, promising more powerful engine

This car is part of the “Kortezh” project, whose mission is to build another sedan, minivan and off-roader for the President.

Good news is the civilian version of Aurus Senat will soon be produced thanks to the co-operation of NAMI and Russian auto company Sollers JSC.


The luxury interiors of Aurus Senat – the civilian version

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3.2. Russian president car features

  • It sports all kinds of luxury

First, a president car must have all sorts of luxury features for the utmost comfort of the leading figure of the country. On Aurus Senat, one can find cutting-edged digital dashboard, onboard multimedia system, hi-end wooden & leather interiors, and all features a supercar may have.

  • It is heavily amoured

It goes without saying that the vehicle must be heavily armored to protect its man from potential assassins. Bomb-proof frame or run-flat tyres are way too common. Senat has much more than that, take a look!


Aurus Senat is installed latest technologies and bombproof frame

  • It has state-of-the-art protective systems

Aurus Senat is installed an intelligent communication system sending signals to Russian satellites so that the control station can track the location of the car under any circumstance.

In case of a chemical attack, the window will close automatically, while the gearbox can function as both electric engine and generator if the car runs out of fuel.


Putin is test driving the Aurus with his officers

Especially, the car frame is no heavier than a normal automobile and can serve as a bomb-proof submarine to protect the President underwater as well. This is definitely cooler than Donald Trump’s Cadillac presidential limo - “The Beast” which can't withstand underwater environment.

4. President Putin private jet

Well, if you happen to be the Russian President, you don’t use “private jet”, you have the whole aircraft fleets to travel with top-notched interiors coated in gold!


The interiors of Putin jet are highlighted with golden trims

The Putin’s airplane is worth 180 billion, placed inside a gym, a conference room, a bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen and lounges.



The airplane is like Putin’s second home

There’s one fact you must know: there are 4 identical jets to carry President Putin. No one knows which plane he will use for his trip. His closest staff may know the information right before the plane takes off.

In every trip, 2 or even all the decoys will be used to make sure terrorists won’t realize where Putin is really staying. Moreover, the fleet of fighter jets is always available to attack enemies if have.

A flight-through-screen with Putin on his airplane!

5. The end

Overall, Putin always wants to maintain his manly image with the most impressive cars and jets. Despite enormous attempts, Mercedes-Benz lost the status of Russian president car, making way for a Russian-made car model – Aurus Senat.

With its public introduction in 2018, we can expect the launch of its civilian version in the near future. At that time, you and me, or all ordinary people, can have the chance to experience what it’s like to ride in a Presidential car.

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