Russian car brand Aurus to compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce as Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun invests ₦45 billion in the brand


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Competition begins for Bentley and Rolls-Royce as Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun invests €110 million (₦45 billion) in the Russian brand "Aurus". Read the story here!

€110 million is a huge amount of money oo!

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This same gigantic amount of money is what Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun Economic council has decided to invest in the Russian car brand “Aurus”. Wow, right?

How did Aurus got or won such a huge investment deal?

Sometimes around June of 2018, the Russian President – Vladimir Puttin showed off his Russian-made customized Armored “Bunker on Wheels” limousine to the Abu Dhabi’s crown prince which with no doubt fascinated the wealthy crown prince. How did we know?

Well, the luxurious and spectacular presidential armored car which was custom made by the Russian brand Aurus got the crown prince to utter the below words;

“Wow, how nice, It’s better than my Mercedes”

The remarks of the crown prince definitely reflected his acknowledgment and approval of Aurus’ job on the presidential ride which we of course believed must have won his heart at that moment.

Fast forward now to 2019, that little show off by the president back then has now finally paid off in a result as the Russian automaker Aurus just got themselves a 110 million Euros (₦45 billion) investment deal from the UAE defense industry development body.


Abu Dhabi Crown Prince getting the feel of the “Bunker on Wheels” with President Vladimir Putin

This investment deal actually represents about 36% of the auto company’s share capital and it is set to be used for a full-scale Aurus vehicles’ mass production and to be also used in the development of the company’s international distributions to the global market.

At the recent ongoing International Defense Conference and Exhibition taking place right in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan - the Abu Dhabi crown prince, inspects the Aurus Limousine the more as it is on display in the occasion.

Aurus is an auto brand currently known for its armored and luxury vehicles. Some of their current vehicle models include the not yet unveiled Comendant SUV, the Arsenal minivan, and the SENAT Limousine Sedan and L700.

How to create AURUS

The floor has now been opened for customers all across the globe to book the SENAT L700 Limousine which is the same as President Vladimir Putin’s ride. Also, they have put up the SENAT sedan S600 version of the president’s car on sale. Also, Aurus company’s official trade partners which are Russian’s top car dealers – Panavto and Avilion have as well started getting and accepting pre-orders for these Aurus luxury cars to be rolled out.

When will Nigeria begin to produce something that our own president can show off?

We all know how President Muhammadu Buhari has been traveling all over the world throughout his first four years in office but, never have we ever heard of any Nigerian president show off a locally made product of ours like Putin did. Just imagine such a brilliant idea that this Russian President put forward and the excellent result that came out of his actions and abroad visits.

We hope that soon, Nigerian politicians and high government office holders will begin to reason along these lines and help present our locally made products of any kind to foreigners while helping us secure more foreign investment deals that can boost our economy and provide jobs for the masses.

God bless Nigeria!

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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