Engineering wonder! Russian-built longest bridge in Europe worth ₦1.3 trillion. See the making!


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What many could tag as a controversial bridge, Vladimir Putin doesn't care a bit as he opens the longest bridge in Europe, covering 19 kilometers in distance. Read on!

About one year ago, the entire world was challenged by Vladimir Putin, President of Russia at the opening of the most controversial and longest bridge in Europe, covering a distance of 19km (12 miles) connecting Crimea to mainland in Russia.

The four-lane bridge valued at ₦1.3 trillion ($3.7 billion), which overtook the Vacso da Gama in Lisbon as the longest bridge in Europe, comes with design capable of withstanding ice floes in winter.


With 12 miles in length and capability to withstand any harsh weather, Europe's longest bridge is breathtaking!

Vladimir Putin, during the opening ceremony disclosed that the bridge was the tsars and Stalin’s dream, which came to life under his government. The president also drove a Kamaz trip-truck in a construction vehicles’ convoy, comprising heavy duty vehicles and cranes across the Crimean Bridge.

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was pictured driving one of the heavy trucks across the bridge

You might not know and for the sake of comparison; the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos is eight-lanes and spans over 11.8km in distance. It used to be the Africa’s longest bridge until the 6th October Bridge in Cairo with the length of 20.5 km, was completed in 1996.

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Russia connects mainland with Crimea, opening Europe’s longest bridge

To commemorate the efforts and unrelenting hard work put into the bridge, an incredible two minutes fifty seconds time-lapse video, created from the footage taken all through the 27 months of construction, recently just got released to the world.

Although the bridge is operational, the two-lane railroad, which is the second part is still very much undergoing construction and is expected to be fully operational next year.

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