Russian blogger drops his ₦120m Mercedes G-Wagon from a Helicopter to the ground


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You have to see this shocking video where a Russian blogger intentionally drops his expensive Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV from a helicopter. Watch the video here!

Would you ever drop your car from a helicopter just because you are disappointed with it? Well, a certain Russian Vlogger recognized as Igor Moroz, seems to not mind this method of destroying an expensive fully functional Mercedes-Benz G-wagon SUV.


Russian Vlogger airlifts Mercedes-AMG G63 into the sky and drops it to wreck from around 1,000ft

Moroz wanted to express his displeasure with the German automaker (Mercedes). So, he decided to airlift his ₦120million worth Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV into the Russian sky and then have it dropped down to the bare ground from almost over 1,000ft, smashing it into a complete wreck. The high-riding iconic SUV got smashed beyond recognition in a matter of just seconds after hitting the ground from the high helicopter drop.


Russian Vlogger Igor Moroz happily destroys his Mercedes G-Wagon

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Igor Moroz is a Vlogger that specializes in eccentric pranks. According to him, the G-Wagon SUV has been pissing him off since he acquired it in the year 2018 for around 16.8million Russian rubles (about ₦120 million in Nigeria price). He claims that the SUV needed some type of repairs almost every month but the dealer has been refusing to get some those repairs done under his warranty.

Watch the video below to see how Moroz destroyed the SUV;


Contrary to Igor Moroz’s claims, some Russian media believe that the true story is far different. They claim that Igor Moroz and one of his friends had a fight over a contract with an agreement that whoever loses will have to drop his own G-Wagon SUV from the sky actually. Now, considering that such a stunt will never be allowed in Russia, the Vlogger had to even hire a helicopter from a Petrozavodsk airport for an extra 250,000 Russian rubles or $4,000 (approx. ₦1.44 million).

However, the Russian police for transport are already investigating this incident with the aim of knowing why this young guy decided to drop the G-Wagon SUV from the high sky.

This is the same SUV that most Nigerian celebrities proudly flaunt on their social media pages 😊 with various additional motivation speeches LMAO.

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