Russian billionaire died in a mysterious car crash in the UK while walking his dog


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A Russian billionaire worth over ₦2.45 trillion has reportedly died in a mysterious car crash while walking his dog on a London street. See him here!

A recent update reaching us here at Naijauto confirms the report of a mysterious collision involving three different cars that knocked down Dmitry Obretetsky – a Russian billionaire with a net worth of over ₦2.45Trillion ($6.8 billion) according to Forbes 2018 list.

The 49-year-old Russian billionaire was identified as the official distributor of Nestle and Mars.


Meet Dmitry Obretetsky – a Russian billionaire and 242nd richest in the world who was killed in a recent car crash

Surrey police in London stated that he was actually knocked down on 25th of November 2019 alongside his dog “Oscar” in a car crash that mysteriously involved three cars at the same time. The billionaire and his dog were confirmed dead five days after the incident and rumours have started spreading that Russian president, Putin might have hands in his death.

One of Dmitry Obretetsky’s friend, Pavel Borovkov has refused to remain silent about the incident. In some of his recent public statements, he said;

"You know, people drive cars very carefully in (Britain)... I don't exclude that he was specially knocked down."

Surrey police are still currently investigating the incident and death of the billionaire and are appealing for dashcam videos, CCTV footage or any witnesses to help them out.

The big question is: How could a billionaire be walking his dog on the streets of London where he has been living for years now, just die from a mysterious crash involving 3 different cars?

Naijauto will update you with the latest report around the incident if have.

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