Runtown’s impressive net worth, extravagant houses and cars


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Music producer Runtown owns a luxurious house and expensive auto collection.

Douglas Jack Agu or better known as Runtown was born in 1989 in Enugu state, working as a singer, musician and producer. He became a big name in Nigerian entertainment industry after the hit Gallardo co-operating with Davido was released in 2008. From then on, he signed a few multi-million contracts with famous brands and companies throughout the country.

Runtown posed by his car

Runtown’s full name is Douglas Jack Agu

1. Runtown net worth

Thanks to the commercial contract with the world’s most influential sport brand – Adidas, along with some other sources of income like Telcos, the total net worth of this 28-year-old celeb reaches approximately $1.5 million, equivalent to N546 million.

Runtown picture

Runtown’s net worth is estimated to over N500 million

Having such a huge amount of money, Runtown finds it easy to pursue an extravagant lifestyle with luxury houses and cars.

2. Runtown’s houses

Simple as it looks, the house of this talented producer costs a fortune. Everything from the smallest detail in his house is designed to match the overall minimalist style with sophisticated highlights. From the furniture in black and grey shades to the curtain with creamy tone, all gives its owner a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Runtown's house

Runtown's house

Runtown’s house features a simple but stylish design

3. Runtown’s auto collection

Here it is – the part we’re all longing for. Though not really regularly seen on social media with exquisite cars, Runtown's cars are no inferior to other celebrity cars collections. Runtown is most famous for being the first Nigerian pop star to buy Lamborghini Gallardo 2017. What a coincidence, the car has the exact same name as his hit before. He even made predictions about waking up in a Lamborghini in the product “Emergency” collaborating with Wizzypro.

Runtown's Lamborghini

Runtown's Lamborghini

Runtown’s Lamborghini Gallardo 2017

The Runtown Lamborghini costs N150 million, is able to speed up from 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds thanks to its V10 engine. It also has ceramic brakes, a top-notch gearbox and adaptive damping system.

Besides the Lamborghini, the most recent car this producer bought was an N35 million Mercedes Benz G Wagon. As far as we know, this car had been customized and purchased on his nearest birthday celebration.

Video introducing Runtown’s new Lamborghini

Below are more photos of his luxury cars.

Runtown's Lamborghini

Runtown and his Lamborghini

Runtown and his Mercedes Benz

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