Rooney gifted Carlos Tevez a Lamborghini after Man-U teammates mocked his Audi club car


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Argentine striker, Carlos Tevez has revealed to the world how Rooney was generous enough to offer him his Lamborghini after Man U teammates mocked his Audi club car

Argentine professional footballer, Carlos Tevez, has revealed how Wayne Rooney gifted him his flash Lamborghini after his Man United teammates teased him for his choice of wheels. He was mocked for driving the Audi car that the club gave him.


Rooney gifted Tevez his flash Lamborghini after his teammates ridiculed him for driving the club car 

While being interviewed by ESPN, Tevez had gone ahead to narrate his most memorable when he was in Manchester United.

He said,

At Manchester United training, players would turn up with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini,

.Everyone, even the worst player, would have a Ferrari.'

I turned up in the Audi that the club gave you and they all bugged me about it, as if it was a Fiat 600.


With this Lambo, no one will ever ridicule Tevez any more

Tevez told Rooney about how he was being ridiculed over the Audi by other teammates. Rooney told him to take his Lamborghini.

 The 35-year-old Argentinian striker said,

I spoke to Rooney and, the crazy guy that he is, he told me 'take the Lamborghini


Rooney and Tevez have a connection, no wonder the generosity showed by Rooney

Naijauto learned that the duo had enjoyed a close connection while on the pitch and off the pitch too. Tevez and Rooney have been able to score 72 goals together in all the football competitions where they won the Championship League.

Tevez stated that,

I went, without registering, around Manchester with this car, he gave it to me.

Currently, the Boca Juniors forward is no longer playing for Manchester United. He now plays for Manchester City.

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