Rolls Royce to build the world’s fastest all-electric airplane


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Rolls Royce has gone way beyond producing exotic cars. They are currently building the world’s first electric powered airplane. Read about it here now!

On a normal day, most people would have at one point or the other come across a Rolls Royce car either physically or images of one online. Celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and majority of high influence individuals are very fond of owning at least one Rolls Royce car in their collections. could bet that only a few Nigerians would ever imagine that this same exotic car production company can make airplanes, right?

And most people will not even think they will go to the extent of planning to build the world’s fastest all-electric airplane. Well, believe it or not, Rolls Royce is very much into the production and design of airplane engines. And yes, they have even announced their plans to build the fastest, completely electric powered airplane in the world. If their plan works out successfully, they will be the first in the world to build such. Also, that will mean that the resulting plane they end up building will be the first of its kind the world would see.

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Electric airplanes are the next generation of aircraft technology because they are environmentally friendly with zero emissions

This Rolls Royce proposed electric plane will not only be environmentally friendly with zero emissions, but it is also proposed to make some great speed record mark in the world of aircraft. It is targeted to achieve an impressive speed of 480+ KMH (300+ MPH). Superfast, huh? This plot to make history has been arranged by the Rolls Royce company and it has begun already at a far side of the Gloucestershire Airport’s hangar bay in England.

They have brought together a team of their best British data specialists, designers, and engineers to work together in bringing this super-fast electric powered plane to reality. There isn’t going to be too much of waiting and suspense over the launch date of this high-performance electric powered plane as it has already been scheduled for the year 2020.  It should take to the blue sky in Great Britain by that time according to Rolls Royce press release.

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Rolls Royce made it clear to the public that they were not pulling a publicity stunt with this their proposed electric powered airplane. The Rolls Royce ACCEL initiative project manager, Matheu Parr, said:

“This plane will be powered by a state-of-the-art electrical system and the most powerful battery ever built for flight. In the year ahead, we’re going to demonstrate its abilities in demanding test environments before going for gold in 2020 from a landing strip on the Welsh coastline.”

Looking at this project thoroughly we could see a diverse lot of challenges that they will have to overcome in order to make the proposed plane a reality. Some of the challenges will include:

  • A need for an immensely powerful battery that is stable enough with no overheating, light enough in weight to fly, and have much power to deliver the expected speed and overall performance advertised.
  • They will be required to keep monitoring 20,000 data points/secs in real time, measuring the battery’s temperature and voltage and the powertrain’s overall health, which will be responsible for generating thrust and powering the propellers.

Although, it is worth mentioning that ACCEL currently has a superb battery pack that is the most energy-dense among battery packs ever assembled for use in aircraft. This powerful ACCEL battery pack on a single charge is packed with so much energy that it can power a 200 miles flight e.g. London to Paris.

Rolls Royce Is Building the Fastest Electric Plane Ever

We are really looking forward to seeing this Rolls Royce dream all-electric airplane become a reality as it will cause a complete revolution in the aeronautics world. It will definitely give birth and pave way for other superb airplane designs which will be improvements on it. And with time everywhere will be packed with eco-friendly electric powered planes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to ride in one?

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