Rolls-Royce plans to roll out fully electric vehicles very soon


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Would you believe that the super luxurious automaker (Rolls-Royce) wants to start rolling out fully electric vehicles very soon? Read about it here now!

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The Rolls-Royce brand has been well known for its V12 engines advocacy. They have strictly adopted the V12 engines (petrol combustion) for a very long time now but surprisingly they just aroused everyone’s interest by promising fully electric cars.

Just recently in Melbourne, Torsten Müller-Ötvös – the global CEO of Rolls-Royce Motors ruled out in an interview the rumours of the company producing diesel or petrol-electric hybrid powertrains. He promised that the company will only be rolling out full-electric propulsion engines and wouldn’t be compromising at all when it comes to sophistication, performance or any of the brand’s well-known synonymous attributes.

He said that even though the brand’s parent company, BMW Group will be developing the base technology for this new innovation, Rolls-Royce will engineer their electric powertrain in-house to make sure that;

“you won’t feel anything that would remind you in any way of a BMW”.

“We will make that happen in conjunction with the BMW Group – that’s the way forward,”

Mr. Müller-Ötvös went further to say that;

“Powertrain is something where you can take certain technology, but you can make sure by modifications that they are ‘proper’ Rolls-Royce engines by the end of the day.

“It will be exactly what you see today – that’s the philosophy. The cars also in future will be true Rolls-Royces and not edified, camouflaged BMWs, no worries.

“There is a famous saying: ‘Take the best that exists and make it even better.’ That’s Sir Henry Royce, and that is the philosophy that drives us. And that’s the reason why all these cars are so successful.

“Check them out, drive them, and you won’t feel anything that would remind you in any way of a BMW. It is a Rolls-Royce.”

He also said that;

“electric fits extremely well to the brand”.

He claims that this is evident from studying and gauging their customers' reaction on getting them to drive the 2011 experimental vehicle – Roll-Royce 102EX which was Phantom-based. Talking about this 102EX he said;

“It’s silent, it’s torquey, very powerful,”.

While still talking about the old experimental vehicle and this new full-electric powertrain plan, Mr Müller-Ötvös also said;

“We engineered a fully electric Phantom one-off a couple of years ago, and we put quite a lot of clients behind the wheel just to get a better feeling on what they were saying, how they would feel about it, and the reaction was very positive.”

Some of the issues raised by the public on the earlier prototype included; charging process, driving range and the battery capacity. So, while addressing these issues/concern, Mr Müller-Ötvös said;

“But this will all change in the next decade,”

 “Batteries are getting better, range is available. We are looking into a different way to charge cars, not any longer to plug them in and out, and all these kinds of things.

“Power is not an issue for electric cars, not an issue at all. It’s even easier than with any combustion engine because the torque is so exceptional and Rolls-Royce in particular is all about torque. I mean, our engines are the torquiest engines on the planet, they are like the Table Mountain when it comes to the (torque) curve.

“This gives Rolls-Royces what clients call raw stability, this unbelievable flight on land, unbelievable acceleration, in a very subtle and non-aggressive way.

“Rest assured that we are going to make a proper Rolls-Royce out of it and that it will deliver what customers are expecting, and I am not in, let’s say, any constraints that I must be worried about exhaust noises and loud engines and whatever.

“That is not part of our brand promise, so for that reason I am quite easy with it. It will be a powerful, torquey car, and it will fit perfect also to a sportier proposition like the rest, that’s for sure.”

Check out a short video review of the former Rolls-Royce 2011 experimental electric vehicle:

The First Electric Rolls-Royce You'll Never Own - A Forbes Test Drive

So, you guys should anticipate the full-electric Rolls-Royce to come.

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