With ₦17 million, will you buy a Rolls-Royce champagne chest or a brand new BMW sedan?


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The Rolls-Royce champagne chest is made for the super-rich who have more than ₦17 million stacked away to own this premium creation. Feast your eyes on the pictures!

If you have over ₦17 million ($47,500) lying in your account, it can fetch you a lot of things, like the 2019 BMW 4 Series or even a pristine Tokunbo Toyota Camry here on Naijauto. And if you happen to belong to the elite class and have a Rolls-Royce in your garage, then you might need a Rolls-Royce champagne chest to complement it. Especially if you love champagne.

That being said, let's see what this ₦17m chest is made of.

Sure, it's a work of art featuring a machined aluminum & carbon fiber chassis serving as the foundation. It’s just the way you see it in premium supercars. The frame is adorned in black leather with the designers putting up the Spirit of Ecstacy logo.


The champagne chest features a machined aluminum & carbon fiber chassis

This chest is meant for the super rich and Rolls-Royce knows they wouldn't hold the hand-blown crystal champagne flutes for long, so a Tudor Oak wood table has been fitted inside the chest to see to that. The table has a laser-cut stainless steel inlay that only shows up when a button is pressed. The four champagne flutes have a polished aluminum base and according to Rolls-Royce, “they are arranged to evoke memories of a V12 engine".

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The table has a laser-cut stainless steel inlay that pops up when you press a button

If you are the party type, the chest features side hammocks positioned to show two champagne coolers made with black anodized aluminum and carbon fiber. With it, you can take the party of four into the night. The chest is brightened with light and has four cotton napkins with RR initials.

Rolls-Royce loves customization so, the champagne chest isn't an exception. Customers can place an order for a customized leather cover and snack configuration. And to that, it has three porcelain bowl meant for snacks like meat pie and peanut. Also featuring, is a caviar configuration which carries caviar weighing 30 grams and two Mother of Pearl caviar spoon that has anodized aluminum handle.

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The Rolls-Royce champagne chest has three porcelain bowl meant for snacks like meat pie and peanut

The champagne chest is the latest from Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Team-a group of talented designers, engineers, and craftsmen.

And according to the company, "It is suitable for the most extravagant of environments from a superyacht to the terrace of a private residence."

If you can't afford the champagne chest, you can at least view it for free

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