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Rolls Royce is known for being the ultimate luxury brand. It is also known for having weird supernatural sounding model names. Why so? Check Naijauto's explanations below!

At face value, two influences seem involved in the names Rolls-Royce gives its luxury cars. They are either the supernatural or the kind of superlative wow-factor expressions that catch attention.

In its 115 years of making beautiful cars, Rolls-Royce has always had a flair for being larger than life, and all of their models are masterpieces on their own. They build cars that are of the highest quality and standards, such as the concept Rolls Royce 103EX. Simply put a Rolls Royce car automatically elevates the owner to a certain status. This is why the models are always keenly sought after, and from their logo alone, people fall in love with them.


The RR logo and badge is synonymous with auto excellence all over the globe

As of today, more than 65% of their models are seen on Nigerian roads, and going stronger from day-to-day. Their cars are very unique, as a lot of effort is put into achieving them. In addition, all their engines are built by hand.

However, one issue that has caused curiosity are Rolls Royce model names, from the Phantom to the Wraith, and from the Ghost to the Dawn. These names have an other-worldly vibe to them, don’t you think?  Now, courtesy of Naijauto, you can step behind the RR curtains to find out exactly what is happening with these names, and the logic if any behind them.

1. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

This luxury SUV comes with a lot of effortlessness as well as user-friendliness, and is Rolls Royce's sports utility vehicle offering. The Rolls Royce Cullinan is simply named after the largest flawless diamond ever discovered – the Cullinan diamond. The diamond was a 1.5 pounds, 2106 carat stone, found under the South African mine around 1905.

The diamond belongs to Queen Elizabeth of England today. Rolls-Royce always shows true luxury, excellence and unparalleled comfort, just like the diamond. This car has gone through various tests and has proved it is strong, and can scale through all weather conditions. As it is known, all diamonds that are gotten from dirt are essentially whole and undamaged; the RR Cullinan appears just the same way.


This SUV soon put Rolls Royce on the top of the bestseller list

2. Rolls-Royce Phantom

This is perhaps the most popular RR automobile, and has a lot of poise, luxury, identity and a strong name in its heritage. It is extraordinary when the subject is elegance, beauty and an interior that looks heaven-like. It is engineered for high-class leaders in the society.

The Phantom is named after powerful unseen spirits that roam the world unheard by mortals. The way this car is built makes it very evocative of such spiritual entities. It looks imposing in size and presence, and also is sleek. These qualities made one founder of the Rolls-Royce Company, Henry Royce, mention that: “despite the speed at which it runs, the loudest sound you can hear is the ticking of its clock”.

This car comes with 44,000 hues, both in the exterior as well as in the interior. The place of birth of each Phantom is in Germany, with about 200 aluminum sections and 300 alloy parts which are made meticulously by hand. From research, it takes about two months to produce a Phantom. Every phantom comes with a V-12 engine that makes it attain zero to one hundred kmph in 5.9 seconds.

Also, Teflon-coated umbrellas are inserted in one side of the door and can be controlled via a button. Also, according to research, the making of the upholstery in the Phantom takes about 17 days.


DJ Cuppy with the Phantom, easily RR's most prestigious model

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3. Rolls-Royce Dawn

The Rolls-Royce Dawn comes with an open top, as well as a fresh charm. Its job is to allure and to excite its owners. Instead of following the trend of previous limousines in forms that round up riders in luxury paradise, the Rolls-Royce Dawn presents itself perfect in sunlight and well-known prestigious places. The name, “New Dawn,” symbolizes new possibilities, fresh horizons and also represents beautiful things that are yet to come.

It gives hope to people about new possibilities that arise with each fresh sunrise. It also gives the reassurance that anything is very possible, so people should hold on to their dreams. The Rolls-Royce Dawn comes as a British handmade luxury convertible with four seats.


Marry the classiness of a Rolls Royce and the freedom of a convertible, you get the Dawn

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4. Rolls-Royce Wraith

This automobile comes in as fearless, intoxicating and intense as possible. Its speed and athletic powers cannot be overemphasized. Looking streamlined, it looks like a ghost apparition that you struggle to see before it disappears.

It flies past in a manner that you hardly notice it before it is out of sight; leaving certainly no traces at all. If one longs to be different, the Wraith Black Badge is the solution, with its powerful presence. It was made in honor of the first Wraith, made from 1938 - 1939.

It is a luxury coupe, having a long bonnet, a sleek roof line and seems like a Ghost’s coupe version. It comes with a 623 bhp, twin-turbocharged V12 engine with an 8-speed gearbox. The Wraith is created for seekers of modern-day trends. The Wraith comes alive, responding to the driver-centered responsibilities. It is filled with beauty, purpose and intent.


Many fooball stars like Paul Pogba like the simple mysteriousness of the Wraith

5. Rolls-Royce Ghost

A ghost as the name implies, glides across the spectrum of life in a fluid, powerful way.  It looks like rewards for striving towards accomplishing beauty through science. It is very elegant and simple; which makes it a piece of art itself. It comes with a facelifted front that is accompanied by new LED headlights.


Like a ghost, this car is ephemeral and surreal

At the 40th Bangkok International Show, which is one of the largest car-related events, these five Rolls Royce models were presented.

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