Luxury Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost on display at Lagos Golf Tournament


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Courtesy of Coscharis Motors Plc, the elegant Rolls-Royce Black Ghost was displayed live at a golf tournament in Lagos. Check its pictures below!

All eyes were on this black beauty at the Lakowe lake Golf Tournament, recently held in Lagos. From report reaching us on Naijauto, this stunning Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost was displayed by Coscharis Motors, right on the golf course. We all know that golf is a sport for the rich in most parts of the world. Pretty easy to know why it was displayed there.


The Black Badge Ghost was on display at the annual anniversary of Lakowe Golf tournament in Lagos

Enjoy a test drive of Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost at Lagos golf tournament!

Coscharis Motors is the official distributor of Rolls-Royce cars in the country. From all indications, it appears those that attended the tournament really had a swell time, gazing at the Black Badge in its full majesty at the centre of the course.

Coscharis Group’s General Manager of Marketing and Corporate Commissions, Abiona Babarinde, said:

“the affinity partnership was to jointly excite the competing golfers beyond the game of golf and further deliver an experience that resonates with their luxury lifestyle having the unique Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost available on display for their interest while they unwind with their favourite game of golf’’.

Babarinde believes the partnership was to afford the audience at the tournament chance to witness the full glory of Rolls Royce Black Badge live. It also offers the golfers and car lovers the opportunity to test drive the model among other benefits.


Coscharis Motors is the major representative of Rolls-Royce cars in Nigeria

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Campbell Elliot, Director of Golf at the club, said:

‘’ Rolls – Royce Motor Cars is a globally respected luxury brand.  Associating it with the club’s golf tournament no doubt raised the profile of this year’s tournament. We look forward to more of such collaborations in the future to deliver extra value for our common clientele’’.

Elliot revealed his happiness over the partnership between the golf tournament and luxury Rolls-Royce brand.

Overview of 2018 Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a beacon for those who go against the norm, and a pure form of elegance. It comes equipped with V12 twin-turbo 6.6-liter engine with an output of 603 horsepower and 619-pound feet of torque. The haunting speedster can accelerate from a standstill of zero to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. It offers a maximum speed of 155 mph in an eight-speed automatic transmission.


The Black Badge Ghost might be expensive but stylishly scary as well especially at night


Black Badge Ghost comes fitted with an exquisite interior, making every penny spent count

To get one, it goes for a whopping price of $350,000 (₦126.87m), which is excluding the shipping fee and clearing cost in Nigeria.

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