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Continental is projecting a future of faster delivery as it showcased robotic dogs delivering goods in a driverless van. Check out how the robots performed!

So much has been said about the power of innovation. Artificial intelligence is becoming more popular by the day, and there are predictions that the high-end technology would displace humans of their jobs. While many people are still disputing that prediction, some of it is already happening.

An automotive firm in Germany called Continental is pushing the movement by empowering robots to execute human jobs. Employing the services of robotics company ANYbotics, the firm has created a delivery concept that harnesses the power of technology to the maximum level.


Continental wants to make a breakthrough in goods delivery

This technology bypasses the services of human delivery agents to deliver goods to customers. In charge of the delivery are robotic dogs who jump in and out of a driverless delivery van. They move in and out, taking packages to the doorsteps of customers.

This artificial intelligence technology is a combination of the autonomous robo-taxi of continental known as the “CUBE” and the quadrupedal robots of ANYbotics which has the ability to ride elevators and open doors. The robots are placed on the driverless van which carries them all the way to the designated destination. It opens up, and they go out through the van’s back door. They proceed to drop assigned packages at the doorstop of the customers.


The robotic dog carries the package to an assigned house

Continental put up this display at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show which was held in Las Vegas. The audience saw the robot dogs as they emerged out of the van, and found their way to the garden of a model home. They walked up the stairs of the apartment. Arriving at the doorstep, they took the packages off their backs, and dropped them on the porch, and then rang the doorbell.

The company believes that this technology will enhance delivery in the future. Ecommerce stores will be able to serve their customers as fast as possible.


While waiting for the mass production of robotic dogs, we can resort to this friend!

No one has to worry about losing their job yet as Continental isn’t putting these robotic dogs out yet. It’s all a futuristic technology.

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