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"The flying Dutchman" Robin Van Persie said goodbye to the game, but we can stay in touch by following his life, like looking at his collection of luxurious cars. See them below!

1. Who is Robin Van Persie?

Robin Van Persie is a Dutch football player who has just announced his retirement earlier this month. He used to play forward for such reputed clubs as Arsenal and Manchester United while he remained the outstanding member of Netherlands national football team.

It was a very emotional moment for world football when “the flying Dutchman” Robin Van Persie quit the beautiful game, May 12th, 2019, after an 18 year stint. Going off the field through a guard of honor formed by players and refs, he acknowledged that he would miss the game but was looking forward to the rest life has to offer.


Robin Van Persie's estimated net worth goes up to $50 million

To help him enjoy his retirement from football, the 35 year old will doubtless be seeing and driving more of his exotic collection of automobiles. Football players are notoriously crazy about autos, and Robin Van Persie’s apple certainly did not fall far from that tree. His $16m yearly salary and net worth of $50 million, which includes his properties and other incomes, means he and his lovely family of four can afford the best things in life, including a breathtaking fleet of cars. Courtesy of, here’s a look at the garage of the former Feyenoord player.

2. Robin Van Persie's cars collected after an 18-year stint

2.1. Robin Van Persie Porsche Cayenne

Persie is only one of the many football players out there that are in love with the Porsche Cayenne. This car is one of the most stylish cars out there a favorite of celebs of all kinds. Recently the Cayenne E-Hybrid replaced last year's SE-Hybrid. There is no ignoring the reason this car is loved by Persie, and it’s simply because the Porsche Cayenne is not just lavish in its interior decor but also because of its superior exterior design. This look of course always results in a second stare. With its miniature stature while maintaining a superb look, this car gets around with its 3.0L 6cyl Turbo 8A engine.

Price of Porsche Cayenne
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Porsche Cayenne 2019 From ₦23,600,000 (MSRP*)
Used Porsche Cayenne 2005 - 2016 ₦4,000,000- ₦30,000,000

*MSRP: Manufacturer's suggested retail price, excluding importation tax, delivery fee, clearance cost...

The actual price to get a car delivered to Nigeria may double or triple MSRP.


Celebrities are partial to the Porsche Cayenne

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2.2. Robin Van Persie Range Rover Sport

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is another car you can’t miss in Persie’s fleet. The footballer player purchased this car due to its luxurious look and powerful structure. The Range Rover Sport is one that can give any rider great comfort, as the interior of this car smacks of top notch craftsmanship with excellent material. The car comes with a great deal of safety features, infotainment gizmos, and all round top tech. This luxury SUV is responsive and responsibly customized. The engine capacity goes from to 3.0L 6cyl up to 5.0L 8cyl depending on trims. Indeed, Persie has great taste in cars.

Price of brand new Range Rover Sport
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Range Rover Sport 2019 From ₦28,300,000 (MSRP*)
Used Range Rover Sport 2006 - 2016 ₦2,250,000- ₦47,000,000


The star's Range Rover Sport was pulled over by the police

2.3. Robin Van Persie Porsche Panamera

The former Manchester United player has been caught on several occasions stealing the show with his Porsche Panamera. The Porsche Panamera has gained a great name for itself where deluxe cars are mentioned. The car comes in different models and each holds remarkable features. Talk about it authoritative acceleration in V6, V8 and hybrid engines in the different trims. Persie’s Porsche Panamera is powered by a 550-hp twin-turbo V8. Fuel economy is 21 mpg for city  and 28 mpg  for highway while giving out 330 hp @ 5400 rpm for its sedan version and 462 hp @ 6000 rpm for the hybrid version.

Price of Porsche Panamera
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Porsche Panamera 2019 From ₦31,400,000 (MSRP*)
Used Porsche Panamera 2010 - 2016 ₦12,000,000 - ₦36,000,000


It seems Porsche Panamera is the favorite model of this striker

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2.4. Robin Van Persie BMW X5

35-year-old Robin Van Persie is also the proud owner of the BMW X5 which debuted back in 2000 with an all new design and mechanized features.  The car has models that are offered with the inline-six xDrive40i and V-8–powered xDrive50i, and a plug in hybrid for its hybrid version.  The car runs about 0-60 mph in 4.9-seconds  The car is provided with luxury features that fit perfectly with Persie’s status and earnings. Coupled with  8-speed automatic transmission, the car also incorporates great interior design and fitted seating embedded in it.

Price of brand new BMW X5
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new BMW X5 2019 From ₦21,852,000 (MSRP*)
Used BMW X5 2005 - 2016 ₦4,200,000 - ₦15,000,000


BMW X5 is luxurious, fast, and has a hybrid version

2.5. Robin Van Persie Porsche 911

By now you should have guessed what Persie’s favorite car brand is:  yep, it’s the Porsche. The football player loves his Porsche so much, judging from his collection of the brand. One of the cars in his garage is the Porsche 911, which has been in production for more than five decades. This sports car has that sleek look and gives a smooth ride on the road with its Engine, handling and safety features. The car comes with different engine specs which power out 450bhp with the 3.0-litre turbo engine. The inside of the car has well placed features such as engine readings displays, navigation and the trip, g-meters.

Price of brand new Porsche 911
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Porsche 911 2019 From ₦32,800,000 (MSRP*)
Used Porsche 911 2005 - 2016 From ₦13,500,000


Porsche 911 is over 50 years old and still one of the flashiest sports cars around

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2.6. Robin Van Persie Audi S5 Sportback

Another cool addition to Persie’s collections is the Audi S5 Sportback. The calm but fast sedan is very suitable for family man Persie when hanging out with the family. Since the star player treasures quality time with his wife and two kids, we are guessing this car gets used a lot. On the road, the car gives out 354 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque for its featured 3.0-liter V6 engine, with Audi TFSI direct injection and twin-scroll turbocharging. This car is an all-wheel vehicle with 8-Speed Automatic transmission. It comes with a tasteful and appealing interior decor that makes driving relaxing yet entertaining for Persie and his family.

Price of Audi S5 Sportback
Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Audi S5 Sportback 2019 From ₦25,100,000 (MSRP*)
Used Audi S5 Sportback 2005 - 2016 ₦2,000,000 - ₦17,000,000


Audi S5 Sportback is a great family sedan

The retired footballer may be at the end of the 18 year career he loved but his super car fleet is certain to keep him occupied, while he figures out what to do next.

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