Lagos-Ibadan commuters decry the alarming rate of robbery on the Long Bridge


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Commuters and motorists that ply the Lagos/Ibadan expressway has bemoaned the robbery attacks they experience on the Long Bridge. Read their stories!

Commuters and motorists plying the Lagos-Ibadan highway have decried the alarming rate at which robbers attack them on the Long Bridge, while also expressing their dissatisfaction at the slow-paced handling of the Kara-Berger road by contractors.


The gridlock on the Long bridge has brought about an increase in robbery cases lately

The road users complained that the gridlock which has become the modus operandi on the bridge has brought about an increase in robbery cases lately. They also attributed the spate of attacks to the lack of security personnel present around the area.

Naijauto learned the robbers position themselves in the middle of the bridge and the OPIC bus stop. They disappear under the Long Bridge immediately they rob commuters.

A road user identified as Joseph Akinbo stated that the attackers weren't operating when there was a flood on different parts of Ogun State but only resumed when the floods decreased.

He said,  

"These boys have resumed their duties after the flood receded.

We need security on that bridge because the kind of evil acts that are going on under that bridge is uncalled for."

Another commuter told newsmen she saw two dead bodies under the bridge while walking towards Kara.

She said,

"Due to the way those commercial bus drivers were increasing their price, I decided to trek to Kara, when I got to the middle of Long Bridge what I saw can’t be told. I two dead bodies under the bridge."

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The road users complained the contractors were being slow at completing the road rehabilitation project

Another road user also came forward to narrated his own experience, saying that the attackers hide under the bridge and on sighting victims, will come out to smash their vehicles and Rob them of their valuables.

He said,

"I was an eyewitness, robbers smashed people cars and robbed them of their valuables. They came from under the bridge in the middle of the Long Bridge.  After robbing, they jump back under the Long Bridge. Security agencies need to comb the axis and flush them out, otherwise, it will continue."

The commuters called on the government to deploy security personnel to the area to protect travelers from these robbers as the contractors are taking a long time to complete the road.

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