Roadside mechanic runs off with a car belonging to customer in Imo State


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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One roadside mechanic identified as Chukwudi has reportedly fled with a Toyota Camry car belonging to a customer in Imo Stata. Read on to get the gist!

Whether this alleged act is part of the 5 bad things Nigerian mechanics do or not, it is quite unacceptable and shocking as well.

According to the information reaching us her at, a roadside mechanic identified as Chukwudi in the Nkwola-Eziama community Imo State, Nigeria, has reportedly fled with a car belonging to his customer.


Roadside mechanic flees with Toyota car belonging to one of his customers in Imo State

From what we learnt, the news was posted last weekend on the 26th September by a gospel music minister. From the report, Mrs Chinyere Ezeji disclosed that their vehicle broke down on Friday along Amala/Eziama route.

The car was towed to the location of this roadside mechanic to get it fixed so that they can continue on their journey.

We are yet to get hold of the full and clear details on how the whole situation went down but the fleeing mechanic was alleged to have taken the car out for testing before his sudden disappearance. For now, the information seems sketchy.

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From the message below, we were able to trace the ownership of the vehicle to one Reverend Cyril Nwaelele. The vehicle from the picture posted is a Toyota Camry popularly known as “Pencil” in Nigeria for its long wheelbase and slim look.

The message also indicated that the electrician that was called in by the mechanic to correct an error on the car actually ran off with it.


As we were traveling yesterday for a burial in our village with Rev Cyril Nwaelele's car, the car developed fault allong...

Posted by Kc Gospel on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Please be careful of the kind of roadside mechanic you patronize especially when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. If there is a need for him to test-drive the vehicle, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you stay in the vehicle with him.

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