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How many transport companies do you know in Enugu and Nigeria as a whole? Let’s tell you the top 9 ones that we are sure of in Enugu state. See them here!

Just as you might have noticed, here at, we offer the best car listing services in Nigeria both free and premium. So, you can trust us when we tell you that we know a lot about road transportation in Nigeria. In this post, we will be sharing some information with you guys as regards the top 9 road transport companies in Enugu state that we are aware of.

Any Nigerian resident can testify to it that; travelling by road is by far the most common and widely accepted means of transportation/ commuting in this Nigeria.

Many people prefer to travel by bus while others love to use their own private cars. The best guess as to why the wide acceptance of road transportation in Nigeria might be due to the fact that it is relatively cheaper or even the cheapest when compared to other forms of transportation in the country.

However, anyone that has ever travelled in the usual random Nigerian commercial public buses cannot deny the stress and irritations that is always experienced compared to booking a ride with a properly registered road transport company which deliver a moderate level of comfort to a good extent.


Various road transport companies have really changed the face of travelling by road in Nigeria

Check out these leading road transport companies in Enugu state which you can start patronizing from today for stress-free road travels;

1. Peace Mass Transit

Among all the bus service providers in Enugu State, Peace mass transit is likely to be the most popular. The company has been founded as far back as 1995 and it is still one of Nigeria’s leading transport companies till today.

They sure have lots of terminals in Enugu State which the addresses include;

  • Head office: No. 6 Okpara Avenue (very close to the renowned Ogbette Main Market area)
  • Branch: Liberty Junction, Obinagu/Ogwuago Road, Abakpa Nike
  • Some other terminals in Nsukka which is the company owner’s place of origin

2. GIGM – God is Good Motors

This company is not just among the leading transport companies in Nigeria but also one of the few native motor companies with advanced technology. This company is well known for the comfort and relaxation embedded in the delivery of their services. One could travel to most of Nigeria’s major city like Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos from their Enugu terminal which is located at; 7 Market Road, Ogui in Enugu State.

3. ABC Transport Plc

ABC transport company had commenced its operations in road transportation since the 13th of February 1993 and have reinvented themselves to stay in the business till today.

Just like all other top motor companies in Enugu, from ABC Transport’s Enugu terminal, you can travel to Nigeria’s top cities like Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos.

ABC Transport’s working hours are 6 am to 6 pm every day and their terminal is located at No. 122, Ogui Road in Enugu state.


There is a huge difference between travelling with random public Nigerian buses and using mass transit companies

4. ENTRACO – Enugu State Transport Company

ENTRACO is with no doubt one if not the oldest mass transit company in Enugu till date. The company opens between 6 am to 6 pm through the week from Mondays all through to Sundays and their terminal in Enugu is located at; Km 11, Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway, Emene.

5. Young Shall Grow Motors

This company was founded in 1972 and it started really small but have now grown into one of the top transport companies in Enugu State. They are known for owning a huge number of luxurious buses in their fleet.

Their terminal in Enugu is located at; Ogui Roundabout Road and they also operate from 6 am to 6 pm.

6. Chisco Transport

This company is as well very old in the state and has been founded since 1981.

They have their terminal located at; No. 12 Market Road, opposite Holy ghost Cathedral Catholic Church in Enugu State

7. Ifesinachi Transport Company

Also, this is an old transport company in Enugu State.

They have their terminal located at; No. 12 Okpara Avenue, near Ogbete Main Market in Enugu State.


Transportation companies are thriving in Nigeria

8. Ekenedilichukwu Motors

Another oldie, founded in the year 1978 and it even experienced a time that the company was the only one daring to transport people from Enugu to Lagos.

They have their terminal located at; No. 44 Zik Avenue Road, opposite Central Police Zik Avenue in Enugu State.

9. RTC – Rivers Transport Company

Founded in the year 1991, this transport company has operated from Enugu State to Rivers state and many other Riverine states in Nigeria.

They have their terminal located at; No. 6, Market Road, Ogui, Enugu Nigeria and also in Garikki.

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