A road safety officer hits a Merceses-Benz G-Wagon and this is how he reacts!


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Try to keep a cool head while reading this because what this guy has done would outrage you. If you will, "irresponsible" is too kind a word to describe him!

When I'm commuting on the streets of Nigeria, I would occasionally see a safety road officer standing on the side of the road, guiding cars and directing traffic, patiently and restlessly. The salute for them is even higher when they are doing their job at noon, where the sunlight is murderous and brutal.

Those officers are working day and night to ensure the safety of the citizen. We all need to thank them. We really do. Without them, I would dare to say that Nigerian roads, especially those in big cities like Lagos would turn into a hell of chaos, as nobody would likely give ways for anybody. 

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The description above is, sadly and outrageously, not applying to some officers, who dared to not only disobey the rule of being an officer but to actually harm those people that they are supposed to protect. This article is about an officer like that. 


The person who is in charge of keeping others safe did the exact opposite

Looking at the collision at first, I wasn't angry, I was concerned about the passengers in those cars. Not until I realize the identity of the one who caused the collision. It was a safety officer that drove his car into another. How ironic!


I wonder if sobriety is a must while doing this kind of job?

The video footage below was taken by some unknown motorists, who share the same anger feeling with us. The officer recorded in the video was clearly boozed up, trying to mumble some nonsensical words in his mouth. At one point, he was so helpless and probably too embarrassed, he tried to cover his face with a cap and extend his arm to cover the camera. He kept insisting that he's cool, but you'll be the judge for that.

He tried to cover himself up with a cap, but later removed it

If there's something positive to say about this situation, at least the two cars were not severely damaged and both people were uninjured. The car that caused the collision appeared to be more damaged than its victim, with the left side of the bonnet slightly folded. The other car, a Mercedez Benz G-Wagon wasn't even bruised.

This article is really a wake-up call for all the neglectful and irresponsible officers out here. I would suggest the Federal Road Safety Corps offer a safety course that restates the importance of being sober while doing their duty, and maybe use this article as one of the complementary documents. What do you guys think?

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