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Founder of Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross is one of the richest rappers on the planet with an estimated net worth of $35 million. Check out his luxury car collection!

Rick Ross is rich, no doubt. It is a tradition now among celebrities to collect luxury cars that suit their desire, fantasy and needs. Rick Ross isn’t any different as he lives life to the fullest. His songs are pulling lot of weight in the market. Having nine albums is a big deal in the music industries, especially having your debut album tagged as platinum and others as gold. Rick Ross many songs have topped the music charts and he is set to release a new album.

But today, we're not gonna talk about his music but focus on Rick Ross cars, one of the best collections you've ever seen on Naijauto.com!

1. Rick Ross car collection

  • Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade as we have rightly mentioned in many of our articles, is a model greatly adored by American rappers. Since Rick Ross is also a top gun rapper in the States, we expect him to have one. His Cadillac Escalade is reported to be the only Luxury SUV in his collection.


Perfect recipe for the rap culture - Rick Ross has one breathing in his garage

  • BMW 760Li

He got a name for this model, Rick Ross always it his ‘Dirty White Thing’. This white car appears simple but he loves it enough to be breathing in his garage.


This BMW model in his collection shows Rick Ross could decide to go quiet if he wishes to

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  • Fisker Karma

The fully electrified Fisker karma is a gorgeous car and Rick Ross is a proud owner of one. The ride also offers a gasoline engine.


Ross embraces the 'Green' just like few other celebrities by acquiring an all-electric Fisker Karma

  • Rolls Royce Phantom

What is a luxury car collection without a Rolls Royce in it? The Phantom is unarguably among the best ever made luxury cars. Rick Ross surely loves luxury and he couldn’t take his eyes off this beauty.


The Rolls-Royce brand is one of the most sought after luxury brands in the world by the super rich

(Photo source: Dub Magazine)

  • Maybach 57S

One thing that is very certain is Rick Ross’s love for Maybach, which is very evident in the name of his record label – Maybach Music Group – a name that shows his support for the brand. He owns many Maybach models and this Maybach 57S is obviously among them.


Ross Ross, founder of Maybach Music Group, surely deserves to own as many Maybach as possible

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  • Hummer H2

We all know Rick Ross physique is quite massive and could be intimidating too. Which car fits this big stature if not the prominent Hummer H2. Well, he has enough money to buy one for himself.


Which luxury car fits the big man himself if not the heavily built and spacious Hummer H2

  • Bentley Continental Supersports

At the price of $220,000 (~N79.9 million), this luxury car from Bentley is quite expensive but it worth every penny both exterior and inside view.


The Rick Ross's Bentley Continental Supersport is a perfect blend of sportiness and luxury

  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

Rick Ross isn’t just about Maybach, he loves Mercedes in general. You will find many of Mercedes in his collection.

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Mercedes product is one thing Rick Ross doesn't joke with - He owns many of them in his collection

  • Lamborghini Murcielago

He is rich and big yet he would want to have some fun running at insane speed. The Murcielago is a perfect supercar for such task.


The rapper himself loves luxury and high-performance rides - This Murcielago is just among them

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

This is among the high-performance model from the new generation and it offers a whole lot for whosoever can afford one. Rick Ross can really afford one and got one for himself.


Rick Ross's stylish and fast Ferrari 458 Italia came with a custom-made forgiato red wheel

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2. Who is Rick Ross?

William Leonard Roberts II popularly known as Rick Ross as his stage name is a 43 year-old American rapper, record executive and also an entrepreneur. Many people might not know that Rick Ross owns multiple chains of businesses which include lots of restaurants, champagne brand, shoe line and even beard grooming product. So, if music isn’t bringing money, other ventures would.

As the founder of Maybach Music Group, he has featured and also got featured by many big guns in the music industry and he is definitely not ready to quit yet.

3. Rick Ross net worth & other facts

  • How much does Rick Ross worth?

Rick Ross is estimated to worth $35 million. That is quite more than enough to buy lots of good things in life money can buy for oneself.


The platinum Rick Ross has a built a name for himself in the rap community

  • Who are Rick Ross children?

Rick Ross has four children – Toie Roberts, Williams Roberts III, Billion Leonard Roberts and Berkeley Hermes Roberts.

  • What are Rick Ross weight and height?

After the weight loss surgery which removed up to 100 pounds on his body, Rick Ross now weighs around 101 kg. He is 180 cm tall.


Rick Ross before and after his weight loss

  • Where is Rick Ross house?

Rick Ross is a proud owner of one of the most expensive homes on the planet, which he purchased in 2014 at Fayetteville, Atlanta, Georgia. The mansion is the biggest home in the entire Georgia with an incredible 109 rooms with lots of other luxury features. The surprising thing about this amazing home is that he got it cheap. He bought it at the rate of $5.8 million since the property was foreclosed.

Rick Ross|Rick Ross's House Tour--2017HD (Inside & Outside)


Rick Ross is a big fan of elegance, fast and high-performance cars. The big man himself is really having a whole load of fun driving any of these luxury cars around. How would you rate Rick Ross cars among celebrities with the best car collection?

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