Zoo keeper emerged uninjured after angry rhino attacked & flipped her car 3 times


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Good to know the animal keeper emerged from her car unharmed. Watch the video to see how the rhino charged at her car!

This terrifying video was recorded by a visitor to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany where the incident took place.

A rhinoceros named Kusini was filmed as it was slamming its body and horns into the zoo keeper's car before flipping it over.

As gathered by Naijauto, the animal keeper was trapped inside the hatchback while the 30-year-old rhino bull was slamming the car's body. However, the keeper was able to escape from the damaged car but sustained minor bruises.

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The rhino attacking and flipping the animal keeper's car

The car was reported to have been badly damaged. The windows smashed, the roof caved in and the boot opened.

Watch how the rhino attacked the keeper's car and flipped it three times

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The manager of the park, Fabrizio Sepe, stated that they had no idea why Kusini the rhino was enraged. He said that the bull had spent only 18 months in the park and was still getting accustomed to the park.

Sepe went further to say that the rhino was permitted to walk around the park only when visitors have left, in the morning and evening. So, he did not pose a risk to people. He, however, admitted that Kusini could adjust more if it were to be a zoo environment.

With the low number of rhinoceros around the globe, Kusini was brought for breeding purposes.

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