Reverend miraculously survives fatal crash that claimed 6 lives


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A Reverend has miraculously escaped a fatal accident which took 6 lives. Check out the story, as shared by the brother on Facebook!

A Nigerian man identified as Austin Hogan has taken to his Facebook wall to share on how his brother, a Reverend, survived a fatal crash that claimed the lives of six persons.


The pastor survived the accident like a miracle

Hogan, an event planner, and singer posted the spectacular story on Saturday night on his wall, tagging his brother Reverend Jim Hogan.

He wrote,

"Help me thank this Jehovah. My elder Brother Rev. Jim Hogan survived an accident that took the lives of 6 people including the driver (may the souls of the departed rest in peace) he came out unhurt (thank you, Jesus). So grateful to this God.

Jehovah just turned my families’ water into wine”

The post has gathered a lot of reactions on social media since it went viral. Many users saw the incident as a miraculous escape and thanked God on the Reverend's behalf.


Here's Austin Hogan who shared the post on his Facebook wall

See some reactions, as gathered by Naijauto.


” an accident that took the lives of 6 people ”
So Jehovah didn’t care about the six other people ?
I don’t think so. The Bible says that “God is not partial”.
It is nice that your brother survived but don’t ascribe bad motives to a loving God because :
(Ecclesiastes 9:11, 12) 11 I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor; because ” time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all “. 12 For man also does not know his time. . . .

My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.

Ryda: shocked
Just like that!
Reminds me of the book, why do good people die young.

The pastor time never reach!

Nnayereugo: To God alone be the Glory.
I can relate to this miracle, when I experienced it in September 8, 2007, can't still explain how I came out unscratched in a bus that killed 18 people including the driver. Can't even say why God chose to spare my life. Thank you Lord... Thanksgiving Sunday!

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