What are the sources of N1.1b May revenue by Nigeria Customs Services in Ogun state?


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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Ogun Area Command, had just generated a whopping 1.13 billion naira revenue from confiscation of many items including 38 vehicles.

A whopping 1.13 billion naira had just been made as May revenue by Ogun Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) through the seizure of 38 vehicles and several other things.

Michael Agbara, who happens to be the Area Controller, was briefing the newsmen at Idiroko, the Command Operational Headquarter on Tuesday. He made it known that with the revenue generated for the month of May; it surpasses the set target of 634.4 million naira by 488.3 million naira.


Majorly, the 1.13 billion naira generated revenue was from confiscated items including 38 vehicles

He also revealed that the command was able to successfully seize 103 items such as 38 vehicle units, 372 kegs of vegetable oil and 7,030 bags of rice. Part of the anti-smuggling activities of the command resulted to seizure of 3 motorcycles, 1,835 pairs of new foot wears, 265 used foot wear pairs and 411 kegs of premium motor spirit.

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Nigeria Customs frowns heavily towards smuggling activities across various checkpoints especially at Idi-Iroko area

Agbara disclosed that smuggling activities had been suppressed in the state and number of checkpoints along Idi-Iroko area has been pruned down.  

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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