Rented Audi R8 supercar cut into halves after hitting 13 cars, funny clip emerges


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A rented Audi R8 Spyder rented for marriage was cut into halves and damaged beyond recognition after hitting thirteen parked last Sunday in Paris.

From a new report reaching us here on Naijauto, a rented Audi R8 Spyder has been cut into halves after hitting up to 13 parked cars last Sunday in the west Paris suburb Nanterre. From a further report, the driver of this supercar abandoned the car and fled the scene for the fear of being caught.


Driver of the Audi R8 seeing the extent of the damage fled the scene before the arrival of the police

Fortunately, this horrific crash didn’t record any casualty. The wrecked Audi R8 was rented for marriage purposes alongside a Porsche 911. From what we learned, by the time the supercar had already stopped hitting the cars, its whole rear end was already torn off totally from the main body. The V10 that was said to belong to the Audi R8 caught fire several meters away from the wrecked car, shortly after the crash.

One absurd thing that followed the whole incident was when the video of this crash was posted on social media by a shirtless man with a hidden identity suspected to be the fleeing driver of the damaged supercar.

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At a time when the police arrived at the crash site, the driver was nowhere to be found. Presently, the authorities are already undergoing an investigation to know who was behind the wheel of the totally wrecked Audi R8.

Watch the video of the crash site below:

An Audi supercar loses its engine in an accident during a wild run

One of the people living in the area where the accident occurred revealed that they were hearing loud noises for a while before the accident. They also reported that the German supercar was driven by more than one person on the day of the mishap. This information was also confirmed by the police, stating that the car was driven by more than one driver.

As we speak, a complaint has been filed by owners of the vehicles that were hit during the accident, and the police are on the hunt for the driver that wrecked the rented Audi R8.

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