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FRSC explains how to renew your driver's license without having to go for physical capturing. What a relief!

If you own and drive a car in Nigeria, you probably have come to terms with the fact that your driver's license is by far one of the most important documents you require to drive peacefully in this country. The Nigerian Police, Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC, Vehicle Inspection Officers VIO, and even the military guys will make life almost unbearable if you dare take to the road without a valid driver's license on you. Thus, the least you should do for yourself is to make sure your documents are intact and valid.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is determined to make the driver's license renewal process as stress-free as it can be for vehicle owners and drivers. In doing this, the organization is continuously modifying the existing license renewal process to help the public. One such modification is an option to bypass the physical biometric data capturing exercise that was part of the license renewal process.


To get your driver's license quickly, careful preparation is a must

So before now, those desiring to renew their driver's license would have to visit the license issuing center to get their biometric data captured as a last step in the renewal process. But now FRSC offers you an option of bypassing this step with just a click of the mouse. Road Safety officially calls this option the Capture Bypass.

Steps to Perform Capture Bypass

The following is the step-by-step guide to help you perform the capture bypass when filling your driver's license renewal form on the FRSC designated website, which is

Step 1

You will have to type in the designated URL This will take you to the home page of the FRSC designated portal as shown below


FRSC driver's license renewal homepage

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Step 2 

The next thing to do will be to click on the "Renew" option. When you click on the "Renew option, a drop-down message will appear. Look towards the bottom right corner of that message and you will find the "Apply Now" option. Click on this and a new message will pop-up. Click on the "I understand, Let me continue" Option. This will lead you to the pages shown below.


Click on Apply Now to continue


Then Click on I Understand, Let me Continue

Step 3

A new page will appear asking for your license number and your date of birth. Please input these details and then click on SEARCH. If your license has less than 30 days of validity left, your details will be displayed.


Click on "Search" to have your details displayed

It is at this point that you can choose the option of Bypass Capture, but please note that you should only pick this option where you are satisfied with your details displayed. However, if you notice any errors in your personal information, then you should exercise the option of going in for physical biometric data capturing at a biometric capturing center closest to you.

Please be informed that even when you choose the option of Bypass Capture, you are still required to pick up your driver's license when it is ready.

Step 4

The next step in the process is to make payment for the license renewal. There are several payment options available to choose from, you can pick the option of making payment online or at a bank. But be informed that online payment transactions attract extra charges besides your license fee. If you prefer making your payment at a bank, a remote code will be issued to you as this is required to complete your license renewal application.

Please note: License renewal fee as stipulated by FRSC is ₦10,450 for 5 years validity and ₦6,350 for 3 years validity.

Step 5 

Make sure to print out your Acknowledgment Slip as this will serve as your temporary driver's license until your permanent license is ready. 

Step 6 

You will then have to wait until your permanent license is printed and ready for collection.

The following video will show you how to do it:

FRSC Bypass Capture

So the next time you need to renew your driver's license, remember that you have an option to bypass the sometimes stressful data capturing hassle with just a click of the mouse. Good luck with your license renewal!!!. For a more detailed guide on license renewal as a whole, the article Nigeria drivers license renewal – step by step guidelines will be of help.

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