Remote-controlled car is used by US teen for smuggling drugs across border


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A US teen has been caught trying to smuggle drugs across a US/Mexico border with a remote-controlled car. Check the car and similar drones used for the same purpose!

A 16-year-old boy who tried to smuggle methamphetamine over the US/Mexican border with the use of a remote-control car has been apprehended by agents of the USA Border Patrol.


The 16-year-old teen tried smuggling drugs with this remote-controlled car

The teen who happens to be a US citizen was seen with two bulky duffel bags ducking for cover so as not to be seen, as stated by the Customs and Border Protection.

Naijauto learned that the border patrol team found him taking cover in a thick bush. They carried out a search on him and discovered 50 wraps of methamphetamine and a remote control car.

The CBP disclosed that the drugs which weigh 55.84 pounds are worth $106,096 in the street. That's about ₦38.4 million.


The two bags of methamphetamine are worth $106,096 in the street

The teenager has been charged with drug smuggling.

A similar incident was said to have happened two years ago on the same border. A  young man made an attempt to smuggle in drugs with a drone controlled by remote.


This drone was also used to smuggle drugs across US/ Mexico border

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