Nigerian transport experts promote regular car maintenance to reduce auto crashes


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Major players in the Nigerian transport industry have begun promoting the notion that regular car maintenance will really help avert auto crashes. Read more!

After so many recent reports of various road accidents on across the country, some of the big players and stakeholders in the Nigerian transport industry are now recommending that regular car maintenance will greatly help reduce this increasing accident records.

These stakeholders hold the belief that a higher percentage of the auto crashes recorded on Nigerian roads are usually caused by sheer negligence and ignorance; hence, they are calling on business owners, companies and drivers to now begin a re-orientation about vehicle maintenance.

It isn’t a coincidence that even here at Naijauto, we have featured a countless number of helpful articles discussing various car maintenance tips and advice for Nigerian drivers.


Stakeholders in the Nigerian transportation industry recommends regular car maintenance as key to reducing auto crashes

We have many times pointed out some crucial car parts that pose the risk of possible future accidents if not well maintained. Some common car parts problems that can cause an accident include:

  • Worn out car brakes
  • Low tire pressure or overinflated car tires
  • Malfunctioning headlights

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During the 2019 edition of the yearly vehicle maintenance camp held in Lagos by Tata Africa Services Nigeria Ltd, Mrs Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye – the Managing Director of A & A Global Leasing Services stated that she has always been promoting campaigns that support allowing the operations of only vehicles which are confirmed to be fit for the road. She said;

“From our many years of experience in the haulage business, if your vehicle is routinely maintained, there will be positive multiplying spiral effects. You will save huge running cost; accidents will be avoided; and you will increase the lifespan of the asset. It is an asset because some vehicles are worth over thirty million naira. Above all, you will be able to meet your deadline and satisfy your clients because there won’t be time wasted on vehicle breakdown on the road.

“After sales service is actually more important than the sales of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this area is often neglected by many vehicle owners. Some people believe that once a vehicle is still moving or the sound is pleasant to the ear, then there is no need for it to be serviced.

“In our company, we don’t joke with routine maintenance and that is why we are part of this programme. We are happy that Tata is doing this, especially as it encourages clients to replace faulty vehicle parts by giving different discounts,”

Mrs Sholoye and many of the other Stakeholders present at the event agreed that it is much cheaper to regularly maintain vehicles when the actual operators are proactive. They also jointly support the move that Nigerian drivers should now focus more regular car maintenance to help reduce road accidents caused by failing/damaged car parts.

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