Regina Daniel dazzles us once again with customized plate number on her newly acquired Mercedes-Benz SUV


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Just when we thought we are done with Regina Daniels automotive frenzy this week, she dazzles us once again with her newly customized plate number. Click here for full gist!

It appears there is no end to Regina Daniels and Mercedes cars. Just yesterday, we shared with you her newly acquired Mercedes-Benz GL450. We were almost thinking it would be quiet for the rest of this week until she came out again with her newly customized plate. Regina is indeed an automotive rockstar.

From all indications, Regina Daniels now privately owns 4 cars in just four months. So, when you see baby girl driving Mercedes-Benz C300, Mercedes-Benz ML 350, Gwagon Brabus and Mercedes-Benz GL450, you should know they are all hers. Her love with Mercedes products is right at the top.


Looks like Regina isn't done yet with 16 as she proudly flaunts it on her customized plate

The newly customized plate for Regina Daniels car reads “4 EVA 16” which literally means “Forever 16” in plain word.

She is really enjoying all the attention given to her especially considering the validity of her age. To many, it looks like Regina is stuck to the sweet sixteen. They however believe she is not using her real age. True or not, Regina is really having time of her life.

Regina Daniels Finally Speaks After Her Husband Surprised Her With A Car

With that written on her newly customized plate, it is obvious she doesn’t care what people say about her.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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