Refusing to buy her pastor boyfriend a keke, Enugu girl gets killed


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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The pastor then stole his girlfriend's money to re-innovate his church and buy musical instruments! Click for the whole story!

Naijauto has just found a truly disheartening report of a so-called pastor recently arrested in Enugu State for killing his girlfriend because she didn’t buy him a tricycle, popularly called Keke. This pastor was identified by the state police command in Enugu to be Chukwuemeka Ezeh, while the name of the deceased lady is Ogechukwu Ogbodo.


This is the Enugu fake pastor who stole his girlfriend’s ₦2million and killed her because she refused to buy him a tricycle

The pastor is said to be the General Overseer of a church in Enugu state called “Royal Prince Prophetic Ministry” and his girlfriend is confirmed to be a sales agent dealing in recharge card business up until the time of her death.

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Reports said that on the 15th of July 2019, Chukwuemeka Ezeh visited his girlfriend's apartment where he discovered that the lady he had been dating for 5 years brought home ₦2million and intends to deposit it at the bank the following day.  Ezeh got so enticed with the money that he went as far as killing the miserable girl, searched her entire house and did away with the money as well as some legal documents of the lady’s landed properties.

Surprisingly, this so-called Pastor went ahead to use the stolen money for renovating his church and procuring musical instruments for use in the church.

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During a police integration, the suspect (Chukwuemeka Ezeh) confessed to having killed the lady because she refused to buy a tricycle for him but has been doing so for many other people in the same community on a hire purchase business plan.

This kind of behavior surely has its roots in the wanton flaunting of wealth by popular Nigerian pastors, leading the young into covetousness and desperation to become as materially successful through the church as business.

So far, the police spokesperson for Enugu state division – Ebere Amaraizu told the press that after all investigation must have been concluded, the murder suspect should be arraigned in court.

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