Red Bull drink company sponsors TukTuk (Keke Napep) tournament in Sri Lanka


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The popular energy drink manufacturing company, Red Bull is organizing a Keke Napep tournament in Sri Lanka and it seems cool. Check out details here!

Renowned energy drink company, Red Bull is sponsoring a fun-filled tricycle tournament tagged 2020 TukTuk Tournament, in the South Asian country Sri Lanka. You probably wouldn’t imagine a “Keke Napep” tournament, would you? Well, it's real and happening between 18th to 30th of October, 2020 in Sri Lanka.


Red Bull energy drink company is sponsoring a “Keke Napep” tournament in Sri Lanka later this year for fun lovers

What’s the Keke Napep tournament all about?

First of all, the tricycle, which is popularly known in Nigeria as “Keke Napep,” is called “TukTuk” in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and some other parts of the world. This is why the official name of the event is called TukTuk tournament in Sri Lanka.

Now, coming to the question in the headline above; organizers of this event say that it is a fun-filled tournament that is meant for discovering the genuine depth and authentic culture of Sri Lanka – which is one country that is simply a beautiful island. Below is a highlight of how organizers explained that the TukTuk tournament works;

  • No competitor will be given a certain fixed route but instead, everyone gets the whole island to choose whichever route they like.
  • The key part of each person’s adventure is to try collecting the highest number of points in order to win.
  • The tournament has exciting adventurous parts that involve safely traversing very high mountains, rough seas, and even thick jungles before reaching the final destination.
  • To gain adequate points and make the event more fun-filled; each team will consist of 2 to 3 people that will collaborate in battling weather, traffic, roads, other competitors, and even local conditions like the occasional appearance of elephants. Sounds fun, isn’t it 😊?

The below screenshots from the organizers’ website also tell more about the tournament;


The 2020 TukTuk (Keke Napep) tournament in Sri Lanka seems to be one that is packed with so much fun stuff

Want to see how this Sri Lanka Keke Napep tournament looked like in the past? Check out the video below from the 2019 event;

  Sri Lanka Tuktuk Tournament Day 6 | Surviving Wild Elephants

And speaking of Keke Napep in Asia, you should also read our article that reveals an unbelievable upgraded version of Keke Napep called Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia. You will be blown away by the ingenuity of the creator.

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