Reckless teen driver kills 10-year-old, stabbed 24 times to death by furious mob


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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The repercussion of reckless driving is grave. An unlicensed driver who ran over a 10-year-old wasn't spared. An angry mob stabbed him to death 24 times before the police could come to rescue him. Read the story!

Double tragedy hit the KwazuluNatal community in South Africa as a teen driver crushed a 10-year-old to untimely death, and met a similar fate after a furious mob stabbed him about 24 times.


The deceased covered up at the scene of the incident

According to investigations gathered by Naijauto, the teenage driver was driving a Nissan bakkie when the fatal accident occurred. He was reported to be known for reckless driving in the area prior to the incident. After knocking down the little child, residents of the community who were about 100 pounced on him with several objects including broken bottles and bricks.

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The Police in Prem Balram confirmed the incident, stating that they got a number of calls from concerned citizens who reported that a young man was in need of help as he was badly injured.  


Members of the community gathered after the incident 

Eyewitness reported that the child was run over by the driver while playing on the road, after losing control of the steering from over speeding. He attempted to escape afterwards, but was caught by residents who were present. His action presumably agitated them even more. Upon checking his car, an empty bottle of beer was retrieved.

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