Recklessness or blind trust? Mum lets 11-year-old boy drive her car!


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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We hardly let our children stay in the car alone, but this woman actually did that and also taught her child how to keep the engine on. Check out the story and its foreseeable ending!

60 to 70 years ago when cars are not really a "thing" in Nigeria, even in the capital, Lagos, only those among the most wealthy dare to think of buying one. In other words, most adult Nigerians could get their hands on the steering wheel unless they were at a "car washing" event. But in the end, they left the place with the vivid image of their dream cars and held on to the pillows, trying not to pray the dream into reality.


Remember the time when any car was the symbol of a high-profile family? It's merely a means of transport now!

That's all in the past now. These days, we think it's safe to say there are more than ten million cars in Nigeria and probably half of that in Lagos alone. Many Nigerians own a car or at least can afford one. If driving a car almost a century ago would certainly hike up your social status, how about today? Truth is, probably no one would hardly bat their eyes (unless you're honking at them) if you rolled down the street in the latest Toyota Camry. From that perspective, even we the owners are becoming less and less attentive about our cars. In a recent event, a woman took carelessness to the next level when she let her child drive a car. I repeat: drive a car! Although this happened in faraway Malaysia, I am sure we over here can still relate!

Unbelievable as it may sound, this woman was stopping at a shop and tried to get some skin care done. She decided that her Honda Civic car should not stop and for some reason that only God knows, she instructed one of her kids, who was 11 years old, to keep the engine running.

Now, no one in their right minds would or should let their kids do this. Ditto anyone without a driving license and/or driving experience. Kids are curious, and they are bound to move and make a mess of everything everywhere they go, and that's even when the adults are around. This kid is all alone with a tempting steering wheel that can be, well, steered.

He did, and apparently, his legs were long enough to reach the gas pedal too. Not long after his mother left the car, he broke the doors of a telecommunication shop nearby. Talk about a likely or common human cause of car accidents!



I wonder who else would think of leaving their children in a car after seeing these pictures

Fortunately, no one was hurt, including the two boys inside and people in the shop, unlike with this car crash in South Africa where two Nigerians died, and others were seriously injured.  However, this crash did cost the store owner a great deal to get it fixed. Some of the furniture and interior was badly damaged and/or destroyed. It might take nearly 2 million to return the shop to its previous condition. Still unclear whether the woman had to pay for the renovation, but our guess is, she did learn the lesson of her life. Don't let kids drive!

Think our story is wash? Check out this real vid of a real kid driving a real car!

Child Drives Car -Tz Prado - A Small Kid Driving a Real Car | Unexpected Driving

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