Recalled Ford explodes on highway, couple luckily escape


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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The recalled Ford imported from Japan suddenly caught fire underhood which nearly took a highly-cost toll on its owner.

A motorist in Auckland was left devastated after a used car dealer sold him a faulty car that got engulfed in flames without any warning while driving on the motorway.

Suraj, who wanted his surname to remain undisclosed, went for a camping trip with his partner and was coming back when his Ford Kuga suddenly caught fire all by itself.


Suraj was sold a faulty Ford Kuga car that got engulfed in flames

He said,

Lots of smoke started coming from the front of the car so I asked my partner to grab our dog and get out. When I opened the bonnet the engine was already in flames,

We slowly saw our car burst into flames and explode within five minutes as fire fighters arrived and tried to control it. We were very lucky to be unharmed.

The couple, aside from the unrevivable faulty car, lost their personal belongings worth $500 in the fire, which left them, as what they described, "traumatized and afraid to drive."

There were several reports of the Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Kuga catching fire worldwide which necessitated the automaker to issue a safety recall of 400,000 cars in 2017. Meanwhile, investigations carried out on about 1000 of the vehicles recalled in New Zealand showed that there was a risk of under-hood fire.

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Firefighters trying to put out the fire after the car went into flames

The spokesperson for Ford NZ, Tom Clancy pointed out that during the safety recall, customers and Ford dealers were contacted directly at regular service intervals.

He said,

The vehicle in question was however a private used import and not sold by Ford NZ or one of our dealers; nor at this stage do we have any record of the vehicle being serviced at a Ford dealer

Had it been brought to a Ford service centre, our system would have flagged it as being eligible and requiring the needed recall work completed

Suraj bought the car in November 2018 from a car dealer named Universal Imports 1998 Ltd which sells used vehicles in Grey Lynn Auckland.

The Ford Kuga was imported from Japan in 2017 by its director Andrew Peck who said he had no idea of the safety recall. He went further to state that normally, the vehicles being imported from Japan which are being recalled will be flagged for removal at the border but this car still got through.

Fortunately, Suraj and his husband suffered no physical harm.

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