[Video] Reasons why Volvo cars are considered the safest ones in EU


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Just watch the video till the end and you'd know why.

After a frontal collision with the truck, the Volvo XC70 suffered a severe front damage but the driver was not injured at all.

The video is the testimony showing the safety level of the Volvo XC60

This video is taken by the dashcam of a car behind the black Volvo XC70. As shown by the footage, the Volvo XC70 suddenly veer into the middle of the road and crashed into a truck at a speed of 62 km/h.

The impact caused the Volvo XC70 to rotate 90 degrees, blocking one lane of the road. Fortunately, the driver of this Swedish SUV was not injured and could walk all by himself after the accident.

The Volvo XC70 was severely damaged at its front. The front fascia, bonnet, left front fender and windshield were completely broken. However, the A pillar of the Volvo V70 did not bend, making the driver inside safe and sound, aside from some minor injuries. 

After watching this video, many people have complimented the safety level of the Volvo XC70. The frontal collision once again has proven how safe Volvo vehicles are.

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Previously, the independent research laboratory Thatcham Research has released research results showing the Volvo XC90 is the safest car in the UK. For the past 16 years, no Volvo XC90 has been involved in a fatal accident in the United Kingdom, according to Thatcham Research.

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The Volvo's XC line was considered the safest model many times before

The safety of the Volvo XC90 is due to the car being equipped with a range of technologies for detecting collisions and early warning for the driver. One of them has the AEB auto-braking technology. This system will automatically brake the car when it detects the likelihood of a collision.

The AEB has been a standard feature on many new models such as Volkswagen Golf or Mercedes-Benz models. However, the new Volvo XC90 is the first car to be integrated with this technology.

In addition, there is another Volvo model that is recognized for its safety, the XC60. In the year 2017, Volvo XC60 is the safest car in Europe, based on the Euro NCAP.

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